Rest should actively! How children and adults played football on the lawn

I want to give you one piece of advice, friends - when planning a family vacation out of town, be sure to bring a ball (soccer or just one that you can dig). It does not take up much space, but you are in a good mood.

That's what my friends and I did when we recently went on a picnic with our families in the woods. At first, the children dug the ball themselves, while the adults settled on a forest glade, lit a fire and cooked baked potatoes in a cauldron. Then everyone ate together and decided to go burn extra calories.

When the adults joined the children, then there was a real "heat". We quickly brought a few sticks from the forest to make the gate, and divided into two teams: "adults" and "children". Because there were fewer children, they got a few more adults on the team

It was a spectacle - grown-up uncles who don't play sports regularly, run with a ball and rejoice like children. There were falls and suffocated faces, and where else without controversy! So we all ran for glory, the adults remembered their childhood, and the children saw what leisure their dads mostly had in the warm season. It was a lot of fun, but you have to play football more often or just run, because you still lack endurance if the match lasts longer.

I also went out with everyone, although I did a little trick because I wanted to take some photos, so I missed a few minutes of active play.

Finally, I would like to add that such joint games strengthen the bond between parents and their children and are extremely useful. It doesn't have to be football, you can play something else, but it has to be played with the whole family. I recommend if you haven't already!

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