Coffee Can Wait: A Short Story

"What have I done", he wondered to himself for the 1000th time.

His back burning as he struggled to to lift his legs from the bed. As he swung them over the edge his hand automatically began searching for the cane.

"She's going to kill me", he thought as he hauled himself forward one hand pushing up his weight, while the other was firmly steading himself with the cane.

His hands were shaking a bit and a slight sweat began to break out, he slowly, painfully made his way to the office, cane tapping steadily on the warn wood floors as he walked.

The coffee would wait he decided and turned to his office door.

He quietly hoped for a miracle as he booted up the computer and navigated to Binance.


Two years ago he was strong, healthy and financially fit, he shook his head with disbelief as the changes of the last year settled in on him once again.

It started with an injury, he hurt himself at work. While he was laid up and filled with fear over his future he started to read about Bitcoin and Crypto and he wanted to buy a little. However, he was on disability... Taking a little out of the 401k wouldn't harm anyone, no one would know. His wife would some day thank him.

Fast forward to today the market had crashed 90%, his health remained shaky and unknown to his wife their 401k was now fully invested in an Alt-Coin.

The red candles on the chart shook him out of the past and his stomach flipped as her realized the situation was even worse than he thought.


He told himself he would tell her next week... maybe things would be better by then.

He reached for the bottle in the drawer. Coffee can wait.



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  • @steemmatt

    Hope it goes well with telling your husband next week.

  • @jayna

    I was hoping for a happy ending! Maybe there will be a sequel. 😊

    Posted using Partiko iOS

  • @riverflows

    Speaking of which, my hubby is just getting up right this minute to make coffee. If i hear the clink of another kind of glass I will be slightly suspicious....

  • @stackin

    Noooo, coffee never can wait! I need it! 😂😂😂


  • @steemitqa

    Should I be scared because of this? lol

  • @michealb

    how did you know? lol

  • @preparedwombat

    For somebody out there, this is not fiction.

  • @soyrosa


    This is the first story I want to know the end of before I actually finish the book :P

  • @bliss11

    You got me, very curious.... What happened next? 😟

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  • @mattsanthonyit What a Story 😂

    Posted using Partiko Android

  • @jacey.boldart


    They have a way of coming back to haunt a person. :)

  • @gooddream

    This is a very true story for someone I know... thankfully he also bought a house with crypto before the crash, so he'll probably be alright.

  • @davidkingns

    Thanks for posting this, and I’m betting it hits home with a number of people.

  • @isaria

    Oooh a horror story... nice! You didn't use the creativecoin tag!!!

  • @xpilar

    Hi @whatsup

    the short story is great, will it be part 2?

  • @mariita52

    Oh, it has stirred my insides. I have a similar case very close and are about to divorce. I ran to drink coffee.