Doesn't this all feel like the beginning of a zombie film?

If you consume even the slightest bit of news or talk to anyone who does, you probably heard of this whole corona virus. I try to avoid talking and thinking about worrisome things all day, but then again when something keeps popping up in my view, I know there is something there that I need to recognize.

That doesn't mean I need to freak out or spend much time thinking about this, but it does deserve a ponder. What is this virus telling us? What is it telling me specifically?

My first thought is that the news right now looks like it came straight out of a zombie film. You know I'm right. Just a coincidence? A conspiracy? I don't know what goes on behind the scenes, and I won't pretend I do, but I do know that our thoughts influence this world and the world mirrors what is going on inside of us.

What if this is the result of all the zombie films we've watched? What if it's a result of all the fear welling up inside of us? What if obsessing over disaster actually leads to disaster? We've watched so many disaster films and zombie stories that now we have manifested the closest thing to a real-life zombie film.

I'm not suggesting that we are all going to pop up out of our graves. Life responds to our focus and where we put our energy.

Perhaps nothing will come of this and it will calm down in a few days. I sure hope so!

So what has the mirror taught me about myself? It has me thinking about faith and it's connection to a healthy mind, body and soul. Everyone around me is scrambling to buy masks. I tried to buy some too, only to find that I missed them, they are all sold out.

I could freak out. I could spend $40 for something that usually costs $4. I could spend my time and energy worrying. Or I can just go with the flow and see what happens. Maybe staying calm works better than a mask does anyway. I think science is already catching up to the idea that ones mental state can affect their immunity. I tend to believe that one's mental and emotional state has absolute influence over the immune system, and that if one is totally clear and at peace, they will not get sick unless it is part of their life purpose to do so.

That doesn't mean thinking happy thought will always save you though....there is the subconscious mind to deal with, and there are tiny things every day that have an influence on our overall state of being. So I can't tell you that my state of mind is clear enough to keep me safe. I can try to believe though.

I've quit sugar aside from less than a kitchen spoon of honey a day and some fruit. I've quit caffeine. I've stopped picking my nose and biting my nails. I massage the meridians of the body regularly and know how to find problems in my muscles before they manifest into something larger. I've averted several colds through my diet over the past two years. I sleep enough. I'm cheery most of the time. I love myself and I try my best to love others even when I see some things that make it difficult. I've dug up most of my demons, I can't say for sure how many remain, but I think I'm mostly pretty clean inside.

So I'm hoping that faith will keep me safe. Not faith in anything with a name, just faith in life and the patterns it has shown me thus far. The patterns show me that our true nature is beautiful and full of love and that the closer we get to this, the more things tend to work out. They show me that when we run into hardships, those hardships always allow us to level up if we let them. They show me that the harder things get, the bigger the change is after the fact.

So I'm good.

And if things don't work out, at least I did my best ;-)

I know there are people who will think this is all woo woo. That's ok. I can only go by my own experiences. Sure hope this calms down soon, I do not want to see suffering.

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  • @vincentnijman

    I can tell you one thing, I started watching way less horror than I used to do. Not just movies and series but also news.

    I only realized lately that all the horror I watched in the past, probably had quite an impact on my life and overall well being.

    Unfortunately horror makes headlines, draws readers / an audience and the media know that all too well.

    Nice to see a woo woo post from your side for a change.

    We need more woo woo in this wo - world! ;>)

  • @ryivhnn

    Humans like safe scares which is why horror movies are popular and risk taking acitivities less so XD

    Every time stuff like this happens I feel like we've turned into a cancer so the immune system is trying to kill us.
  • @artgirl

    Well for me seems like just another "human experiment" some people keep doing. Not into horror but I did watch Train to Busan. 😅 Still I don't connect fiction to real life.

    What I am more concerned about is the way media and people are sensationalizing things. Here people are panicking online and will even fight you online if you tell them to calm down. Ugh.

    What's more important is to learn proper hygiene and practice safety procedures and care about not infecting people even with the common flu. 🤷 These days there are still people who do not care to cover mouth and nose when they cough or sneeze. 🙄 I won't wonder if we all get infected. Only those with strong immune systems will survive.

  • @riverflows

    Never make excuses about woo woo. It's the rest of the world that's insane.

    I am glad you don't pick your nose.

    Funnily enough my biggest worry is hubby biting his HANDS on our travels. I'm going to be lathering him in hand sanitizer! We are taking a course of probiotics before we leave. Plus Bit B and Zinc. And trying not to worry about it. I'm not really... but I have ordered masks.

    I am a huge fan of zombie films.. I watch every one they release. They are an amazing metaphor for our times. Funny that Plague app hit No.1. I used to play it, lol.