Fictional Truth


I feel like Rumplestiltskin. Did I fall asleep and waken to a Brave New World where shops have closed up indefinitely and children all sent home for weeks and perhaps months?

I dreaded going to the office this morning after Saturday's Alert Find texts from work to come in to work to get a laptop and then to get another text advising me to come in today, not for fear of Covid 19, but for the uncertainty facing us at work.

All employees who have wifi were issued laptops, mouses and headsets to go home (on their own time, not compesible time) to set up a makeshift home office. Many people don't have computer chairs or private areas to work and because schools are closed the moms are stressed about how they will work with young ones at home.

Due to my data cap and the lack of financial aid to accommodate work from home from my employer I, along with a handful of other phone representatives, will show up to a ghost town apocalyptic empty office tomorrow while most are struggling to get connected to work. I don't really mind and I anticipate many who are sent home will face technical roadblocks thus adding to the calls not being handled. I'm trying to mentally prepare for whatever arises. Perhaps this attempt to protect employees will result in a bitter remedy for the employer and employees alike.

Don't get me wrong. I am grateful to still be working. I also can't imagine quarenteening for weeks on end and empathize with families who are laid off indefinitely from their job.

This is a trial of great magnitude such as I have never witnessed in all my 57 years despite the SARS virus, MRSA and yearly flu cases. I hope to wake up with a world back in balance and be able to continue with my wedding plans. Enter the Twilight Zone.

I will never forget this Spring and, I suspect, neither will any of you alive now to witness this strange phenomenon.

Be well, everyone and I pray for an end to this virus.


This is my five minute freewrite using prompt bitter remedy. Check out @mariannewest daily prompts and join hive-161155 @freewritehouse for opportunities to win Steem Basic Income weekly!


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  • @zeleiracordero

    The freewrite that you present with this very tight prompt, fits perfectly with the situation we are living in almost all over the planet. In truth, the covid-19 is forcing our limits and life forms. Well done, dear!

  • @mariannewest

    I doubt that the virus will end. But there will be many people who are immune to it and not everyone is going to get sick at the same time in a few months... In the meantime, things will be crazy!

  • @scribblingramma

    Yes, indeed, it is a very strange world! Our local libraries have closed until April, and some of the area schools are closed, but not all of them.

  • @irisworld

    yeah, i hope it will pass away very soon!

  • @wakeupkitty

    It will not be over soon, takes month and greed, fights, anti social behavior is present everywhere. The ones with money can afford to buy the entire shop and not working, the rest?

    Yesterday was a noisy day. Today it's quiet. The children know what to do. Homeschooling themselves for the biggest part. We will skip school yv as much as possible and if our connection is down there's no contact with school or teachers. So be it.

    After this, the lockdowns all economics have to be build again.

    Strenght to you, stay safe. 💕

  • @wakeupkitty

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  • @owasco

    I hadn't thought of all the parents who now have to figure out how to work at home with their kids running amok. There is no end to the madness of our response to this bad cold.

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