031620 - Corona rules?

My day was hectic.

I didn't expect it to be that way after I came out of bed later. I am still awake early. My rhythm is messed up. The bus-kid needed to give the name, address, e-mail address to its teacher plus let her know if we have a computer and internet. The youngest heard nothing.

Porridge, I ate it yesterday. Today it was a fried egg and the second meal was herring with some bread.

The biggest part of the day I talked to my daughter and two friends. My daughter checked some shops and so did I. We both came to the same conclusion. Some shops are robbed and have nothing. Not a single piece of meat! The vegetarians clearly do not exist if it comes to it. Some were out of canned and frozen food, toilet paper, etc but others had everything. Penny market and Albert Heijn looked pathetic, Aldi looked great and Spar the same as always. In the Coop supermarket and Penny, supermarket gloves are worn and Spar doesn't care. They just ask you not to cough and sneeze around, use a handkerchief and keep a distance. Spar 1 meter, Albert Heijn 1.50 meter. It was not extremely crowded. My friend stayed at home. We both have two kids not visiting school now and one celebrating it's birthday soon.

Today I was lucky the internet connection remained good for nearly the whole day.

Published today (March 16, 2020)

Published yesterday (March, Sunday 15, 2020)

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  • @wandrnrose7

    Crazier and crazier. I really am struggling for words. The saga gets deeper. Jeff was able to buy chicken thighs at the local grocery.