Pitch Deck Hunt - Analyze Pitch Decks From 100+ Startups From 15 Sectors

Pitch Deck Hunt

Analyze Pitch Decks From 100+ Startups From 15 Sectors


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Pitch Deck Hunt brings you a collection of 100+ pitch decks from industry leading startups. If you are an entrepreneur making your own pitch deck or what to analyze these companies, Pitch Deck Hunt is the single best resource I have come across so far.

All Funding Stages Are Covered

  • Pre-Seed
  • Seed
  • Series-A
  • Series-B
  • Later Stage

Sectors Covered

🚴 Sports 🤖 Tech 🏰 Proptech 💳 E-Commerce 🌯 Food & Beverages 💭 Social 📺 Media 📦 Marketplaces 📚 EdTech 💊 Healthcare 💵 FinTech 📱 App 🚕 Transportation 🛫 Travel & Events 💻 SaaS

The Collection Will be Updated Weekly With New Pitch Decks From Startups Added



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