Pandemic Hits Writing - Sunday Freewrite

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  • @riverflows

    Life is better with baby chickens! Trying to stay away from news and writing about tbe bloody virus. Was thinking about the black plague today and the flagellents and religious fervour. Today the Hare Krishna sung their way down the street. The joy was CONTAGIOUS. Thats somethjng worth catching. Beats panic buying xx

  • @insense

    May god save us from COVID-19

  • @seadbeady

    I don't get it why people need to stock up on toilet paper or anything else - there is nothing to indicate that we will very soon be out of toilet paper - people are so crazy sometimes - Did you see that clip on Facebook where people were fighting for some toilet paper - one of them had a cart full of it - I just don't get it haha :)

  • @rana2423

    I can see some beautiful chicken here. As well as your Writing was nice.

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