USA Officially Selling War. Trump Publicly Marketing CIA's Own Mafia Protection Racket.

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I have long been explaining how the US military is used as the 'Kingdom Towing Service' for the banking and oligarchy groups (credit to Trevor Ravenscroft for that term). The idea being that when certain groups want to manipulate other countries they create situations where either the military of the US is called out for for defence or where the military is literally used to reclaim unpaid debts (always under the cover of other reasons). The US involvement in numerous South American coups and middle eastern too are just some of the examples. The book 'CIA as organised crime' goes into graphic detail of some of the methods used and so too did the work of John Perkins in his 'economic hitman' books/videos.

Now Donald Trump has, perhaps without realising, openly declared that the US military is available for hire! In this recent video he explained that Saudi Arabia has already paid 1 Billion dollars to use US Troops. So the US is now officially a Mercenary Military Corporate interest masquerading as a 'free nation'. This couldn't be further from the vision of those who fought and died in World Wars - yet here were are - psychologically manipulated into a fascist nightmare under the guise of 'good business sense'!

In this video I discuss the related issues.. Please check out the following related sources if you are unfamiliar with them:

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