HIVE Has Now Made it Onto :)

Great news! The Hive blockchain is now listed on Coin Market Cap. The blockchain is currently showing up in position 2153 out of 5261 different cryptocurrencies listed, however, this will likely change quickly once exchanges stabilise and come on line.

HIVE is now listed on CoinMarketCap

source: coinmarketcap

The price data is currently being taken from Bittrex and Probit, who both have their wallets locked for maintenance as they replay their servers - so the listed price is probably not accurate. However, for reference, CoinMarketCap currently shows HIVE as having a value of $0.29.5USD - which is significantly higher than STEEM. I will be keeping a close eye as to how the situation evolves in coming days!

Wishing you well, Ura Soul

Originally posted on my HIVE Blog. HIVE is DECENTRALISED and the ONLY Social Networking Blockchain I Recommend.

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Note: Witnesses are the computer servers that run the Hive Blockchain.

Without witnesses there is no Hive blockchain or DApps such as peakD and 3Speak... You can really help Hive by making your witness votes count!

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  • @eirik

    Damn that's big.

  • @sames

    Now we need more exchanges(which are also listed in CMC) and liquidity...