What Is Your Motivation?


It is important to recognize that our goals are very different, and to better understand the different types of motivations we can see a distinct difference in what motivates some people. A very important distinction has been made in the studies of motivation that a difference between a desire and a compulsion is often used to describe motivation

Here's the problem. Most of us believe that we're motivated by the same factors that motivate everyone else. For example, we tend to think that we're motivated by what we think or do. We focus on the outcomes we're seeking and how we think we're going to achieve them. However, people don't really know where they get their motivation. Everyone has an optimal level of motivation, but how many of us have true goals? Who knows if we'll ever achieve them?

However, it's important to realize that there are natural differences between motivations that are necessary for achieving whatever goal you're trying to accomplish. Not only do they serve as guidelines for achieving the specific task at hand, but they can also help you judge your strengths and weaknesses and put together a plan that motivates you toward a goals that you are highly motivated to achieve.

For example, those interested in starting a business will usually discover that their financial motivation will be different from other investors. Investors focus on how they will be making money, while entrepreneurs are concerned with how their business will affect other people.

You may have built a successful business, but if you can't change the people you surround yourself with, you can't change your chances of success. Make your managers and people in your life aware of your motivation, and help them make you more approachable and confident about your capabilities. Instead of rejecting suggestions for improvement, listen to what they have to say, and have them implement them into your day-to-day. https://intermountainhealthcare.org/-/media/images/modules/blog/posts/2018/05/exercise-motivation.jpg?la=en&h=504&w=896&mw=896&hash=ADDF0E0473F283E89AD282F64DEC263046A52510

Even though it is tempting to assume that one specific trait will motivate someone, you shouldn't make this mistake. Different people have different motivations and preferences. In reality, what motivates someone is all together different to what motivates someone else. When we talk about different motivations, there are several key factors to consider when trying to figure out who might be right for the project or why.

We want to be clear and direct, however, that very few people are the same, regardless of what we think of as their typical mode of being. Rather than simply labeling someone as "motivated" or "unmotivated" as a goal, we should be able to describe how they are affected by certain situations, and then encourage them to see themselves differently, regardless of the motivations they may have had for certain actions. As our motivations shift and change, we should begin to support our new circumstances in whatever way is possible.

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