Turn motivation into an emotional habit.


The most important part of an organization's mission and strategy will always be the people that comprise its member. To be a recognized and successful organization requires accountability and commitment. In business there is a big difference between profits and profit growth. Just because a company's profit is flat or falling, does not mean that its growth is not successful or sustainable. How does one achieve this growth? Leadership always comes from an innovation mentality. Just because a company generates profits, it does not mean that its employees

To create a strong self-motivator, you must understand a few things about human motivation. Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. Motivation is what gets you started, which leads to results. And the results of taking action are what make your life better. And that is why results are often a source of motivation. Understand this and you will be in a position to create better leaders.

Qualification works to change a leader's mindset to one of accountability. You would be surprised at how many employees have not met their qualifying standards or even actively tried to get qualified. They simply do not see the need to train and develop as their career advances. Qualification does NOT have to be lofty to be effective. Like changes in a recipe, it's best done with simple and ordinary ingredients.

Of course, given this definition of motivation, the most common question asked is what is the best sort of motivation? The important thing to remember, however, is that motivation has no meaning without action and engagement. Simply put, motivation is irrelevant to success unless action and engagement define success. So when is motivation necessary?


There are two ways to become motivated, depending on how serious your objective is:

• By perceiving a need and taking action to meet it. You will use action to provide the "big end game".

• By perceiving a need and creating and manifesting a matter of importance. You will use purpose to make a mark in the world.

Creativity or spontaneity is an indicator that one is not following a defined mission of attention to a need. There is the possibility of a desire to move.

If you are in that position of an employee, the most important thing you can do is to show how much you care about the individuals around you. When you come in contact with employees, practice good communication skills and genuinely care about their well being. Do not react to problem situations inappropriately or call the behavior of the individual who is difficult to relate to. Remember that managers need to be engaged as well. Do not appear defensive or defensive or ignore the employee concerns.


Motivation is ultimately an emotion that is supplied by the person doing the acting and the perspective being represented. Since we have a vested interest in others being loving, motivated leaders we will naturally seek out a person who is being more loving in our presence. One of the things we learned from our favorite bullies is that they are very aware of the emotional drama that follows every confrontation. While some bullies can be funny, while others can seem sarcastic, and some can be very protective of others,

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