Attitude makes you

Acting and speaking based on personal confidence is crucial to performing in business. Do not rely only on intuition. Confidence is not about knowing what to do or feeling like you know the right way to do things. Confidence is based on a positive foundation in the knowledge that you have the full support of your coworkers and managers.

"If you can't find an attitude of confidence, and you cannot respect confidence, you will not be able to lead other people to confidence in themselves and not in others."

It is common knowledge that working as a leader is an all-consuming endeavor, and doing so requires the ability to follow through, to overcome obstacles, to create change and move people forward. Without following through, there is no point in living up to one's leadership potential. The only way to reach your full potential as a leader is to follow through.

The fact is, that all that any individual can do in life is just as important as the total success of his program. I am always interested in what others can accomplish, but if they do not do what they can, then they have failed as individuals. Failure will be associated with a failure to succeed. How would a child fail to succeed? To be a successful business leader, it is all about self-confidence. In fact, I would say that being an individual who exhibits confidence is far more important than merely being successful.

If I can do anything and I'm motivated by this, then I'm confident that I can master that thing. The key to success is not to have a "good" achievement, but to be one of those few who actually did something, a rarity. Every morning, I walk around my office and remind myself, "I can do this." The least successful person in the world has one unique asset in their life: they have done something.Being human means coming up with ideas, and then doing something with them.

That attitude will make or break the individual. I, for one, am never satisfied with achieving what I can't do, only what I am able to do, and every day I learn something. If my intelligence had made me dissatisfied, I wouldn't have pursued it. I'll tell you this - don't aim too high, or you won't have that rocket engine you want. You'll still be hit by the obstacles that come your way. Don't be defeated by a lack of confidence, the enemy of success. Focus on doing what you want to do.

If you are going to take responsibility for your life, if you are going to control your life, if you are going to live a reality which you believe is better than the alternative, if you are going to live a life that makes you happy, it is necessary that you have a strong will, that you make your own goals, that you measure your success by your own standards.

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    But the end of all things has drawn near. Therefore be sober-minded and be sober unto prayers.(1 Peter 4:7)

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