Add Humor to Your Life.

We humans are addicted to finding and evaluating reasons why things are not working and continually throwing ourselves into cycles of hopelessness, guilt, or regret. We can look forward to growing more miserable with age and a negative life expectancy. Why? Because those "why" questions are the causal source of chronic stress in a person's life.

People who thrive on humor live a peaceful, blessed life. Humor allows you to enjoy some of life's greatest pleasures without losing balance or resorting to alcohol or drugs. Other benefits of humor include: Increase your self-confidence. Reduce stress. Improve relationships with others. Enjoy life to the fullest.

Practical Jokes are designed to get your mind thinking about very practical and common situations. It's great to spend more time with your family, to help you and your children understand your partner's jokes, or to change your own daily routine to stimulate your brain and spurt out more creative thoughts. Do you need a smile or maybe a little bit of awkwardness in your life? It's entirely possible to have it all and I've spent years trying to keep it real.

If you're not sure about having a sense of humor, the best way to learn more about it is to watch TV and movies, especially if it's for children. It's true that those are often comedic in nature, but there's no denying the sheer joy that they give to you and can be motivational as well.

Your sense of humor will influence the quality of your life by releasing negative emotions and preparing you for new experiences. Meditation is no exception, as humor serves as a very good visual cue that helps to focus the mind.

Perhaps you're happy, and find it odd that after a period of time without acquiring new experiences and helping people, you start trying to do something. But again, humor makes you see things clearly, where you used to be blinded by social pressure. Or maybe it's an important conversation you want to start. You've got a long way to go, but you still want to give it your best, and we're well aware that it's still not easy to do.

Remember: We are all afraid of dying. This is why we are scared of things that happen far away. There is a very deep emotional bond between us and the things we believe to be more important than our own life. What if you were born with some unusual qualities? Or worse yet, were never born at all? This is where we develop to lose this bond and lose touch with our real self. These realizations make us sad, angry and sick to our stomachs.

So, take an active part in raising your humor quotient. Humor will help keep you happier and more content with your life, even when the world around you seems to have a funny way of going on. Granted, you might experience certain funny moments, but for the most part, you will be fine, and your life will ultimately be better for doing so.

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