Why Am i still here?

to watch the shit show

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  • @daltono

    My back is itching like a mf right now.

  • @ssjsasha

    It’s ok, just go lose it in HEX lol

  • @captainquack22

    Youre still here...cuz youre clearly still a boss. Lol. Do you think we might see a lull during the summer? Id love to see some bear market again...do it friggin right this time and stack up on cheap prices.

  • @raycoms

    You are still here but only voting for 7 witnesses. Go there and vote in the right witnesses to expel Sun.

  • @maxsieg

    not good to accelerate downfall by voting for justins centralized witnesses

  • @pfunk

    It'll still be a shit show if you vote for the community witnesses. Might even be more of one. Seeing the underdogs win is always fun.

  • @swoof

    What shit show?

  • @chireerocks

    @trevonjb, Everything is a Choice. Hope that you've voted for the Community Witnesses. Stay blessed.

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