Justin Sun Bought Dlive!

Justin Sun Bought Dlive Live-streaming Service! This Is HUGE! https://youtu.be/RaRUTD39w8I

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  • @stealthtrader

    Interesting times for sure...

  • @mikenevitt

    Interesting, thanks mike ps happy new year pal

  • @bittrio

    I'm 9 Steem away from 500 and joining the backscratcher trail you talked about in another video. I'm also on LBRY and DLIVE, but don't you think having all of these tokens is going to be confusing for average users? Unless they are easily convertible into other coins like bitcoin w/o KYC OR there's a social platform that uses bitcoin. K.IM is yet another platform set to launch in 2020.

  • @themarkymark


    When you eating poo? Only video of yours I would watch. Do let us know.