TRDO Weekly Update - 25/10/2019

Dear Steemians / Trendo'ians,
Here we are sharing you a quick update of the weekly progress of the TRDO token project.

TRDO Reward Pool (Daily Distribution)

We (Team TRDO) decided to revise TRDO Daily Reward Pool as follows:
  • TRDO Stake based Comment Bot :
    Initially we have set 20% of daily reward pool for TRDo Stake based Comment Bot. But we have noticed this amount is not enough for TRDo Comment Bot callers. Therefore, we hope to do a change of Comment Bot reward system as follows:
    We will increase daily rewards of TRDo Stake Based Comment Bot from 20% to 45% of daily reward pool. (from 2250 TRDo to 5062.5 TRDo daily)

  • At Initial stage we planned to assign 20% TRDo for TRDO Delegation Bot. But we will decrease that amount to 10% (from 2250 TRDo to 1225 TRDo daily)

  • At initial stage we assigned 25% TRDo to the TRDO Bounty Programs. We will reduce this amount to 5% as well.(from 2812.5 TRDo to 562.5 TRDo daily)

  • Finally we will increase TRDO PoS Daily Rewards from 20% to 25% as well.(from 2250 TRDo to 2812.5 TRDo daily)

    Distribution Reward Pool Summary

  • TRDo Stake Based Comment Bot : 45% ( 5062.5 TRDo Daily )
  • TRDo Delegation Bot : 10% ( 1125 TRDo Daily )
  • TRDo Bounty Program : 5% ( 562.5 TRDo Daily )
  • TRDo Proof of Stake : 25% ( 2812.5 TRDo Daily )
  • TRDo Developer Stake : 15% ( 1687.5 TRDo Daily ) - We set this as 7.5% until we develop Delegation Bot and Bounty Program based scripting and etc.

  • Total Daily Distribution : 11,250 TRDo

Delegation Bot Script

We have encountered few issues while developing that bot script. But we figured out solutions for them. At this moment also we are developing that bot project. Hope this might take another week of time to deliver.

Further Developments

  • We will start working on TRDO Flags, just after we deliver the TRDO Delegation Bot Version 1.0.
  • After that we hope to focus on TRENDO Trending Page UI developments too.

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