TRDO Summon Bot V1.0 Released

Dear Steemians / Trendo'ians,
We (Team TRDO) happy to announce that our latest bot script - TRENDO SUMMON BOT Version 1.0 has been released. Steemians / Trendo'ians who authorized to summon the bot can be used to reward, quality content providers by summon this TRDO curation bot script.

Why TRDO Summon Bot?

  • We are planning to reward authors of quality contents by using this curation bot script.
  • This might be the 1st step of TRDO Delegation Bot project that will launch soon.
  • We (Team TRDO) wish to pair TRDO & STEEM rewards to the authors of quality contents by using this script.
  • We (TRDO Team) wish to reward few specific tags, specially #newsteem, #trdo, #development by using this bot script.

How Summon Bot Works?

  • Delegate 1000 SP or more to @trendovoter account. We (Team TRDO) will add you to the authorized user list (manually till next version release).
  • Then you are allowed to call Trendo Summon Bot named as @trendovoter by typing the following command at Comment section.
    • !trendovoter or !trdovoter to share 50% default @trendovoter upvote.
    • You can customized voting percentage of the upvote as follows:
      • !trdovoter 75 (This will share 75% upvote on the post that you wish to reward)
      • !trdovoter 100 (This will share 100% upvote on the post that you wish to reward)
  • Until we release TRDO Summon Bot Version 1.2 you are eligible to successfully call TRDO Summon Bot 3 times per day.
  • TRDO Summon Bot V1.0 works with few authorized default tags only: (We will update this tag list based on requirements)
    • #TRDO
  • You are eligible to call summon bot at posts & comments as well.


  • We are planning to initiate implementation of the TRDO Stake Based Comment Bot Version 1.0 in this week.
  • We will update the TRDO Summon Bot Version 1.0 to work with Delegations and share rewards as well.
  • We are planning to initiate another Bounty Program to reward Steemians who promotes STEEM at FaceBook.Com.

"Call TRDO, Your Comment Worth Something!"

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