TRDO Stake Based Comment Bot Version 1.0 Released...

Dear Steemians / Trendo'ians,
We (Team TRDO) happy to announce that we have reached one of the milestone today by releasing the advanced version of "Trendo comment based token distribution methodology" as TRENDO STAKE BASED COMMENT BOT Version 1.0.

How Stake Based Comment Distribution Bot Works?

This might be the primary version of the bot script that we are planning to introduce advanced version of the script. That's why we have set this as Version 1.0.
  • This bot script is much similar to TRENDO COMMENT BOT V 1.2, but this works with random rewards, that purely depends on your TRDO Stake + Delegation Balance.
  • Summon the Stake based Comment Bot is very much similar to summon TRDO Comment Bot as follows:
    • $trendotoken
    • $trdo
    • !trendotoken
    • !trdo
  • No more minimum staking checking. If you got more than 0 TRDO stake, you are eligible to summon comment bot.
  • You cannot call Stake based Comment Bot on comments as previous.

The Calculation

The current calculation of the Stake Based Comment Bot as follows:
  • Author Rewards per a successful call:
    [Your Total (Stake + Delegation) Balance] / [TRDO Total Stake Balance] * 0.6 * 3000 (Daily Reward)
  • Caller Rewards per a successful call:
    [Your Total (Stake + Delegation) Balance] / [TRDO Total Stake Balance] * 0.4 * 3000 (Daily Reward)


  • We are planning to add Mongo DB solution for our Bot Scripts.
  • We will update the TRDO Summon Bot Version 1.1 to work with Delegations and share rewards as well.

"Call TRDO, Your Comment Worth Something!"

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