TRDO Quick Update

Dear Steemians / Trendo'ians,
Here we are sharing you a quick update of the weekly progress of the TRDO token project.

Reduce TRDO Daily Minting Rate

We (Team TRDO) decided to reduce our daily minting rate of the TRDO token until we develop all features of the TRDO Token Project as follows:
  • TRDO Developer Stake: 15% (reduced to 7.5%)
  • TRDO Comment Bot: 20% (not reduced)
  • TRDO Proof of Stake: 20% (not reduced)
  • TRDO Delegation Bot: 20% (reduced to 0%)
  • TRDO Bounty: 25% (reduced to 0%)

Bug Fixing

We have encountered a connection error of MongoDB, due to that error some data were missing from the DB end. As a result of that we had to Re-Run from Old Blocks, not to loose any of the Trendo Comment Bot Calls. We fixed that error and now monitoring the system as well.

TRDO Delegation Bot

We have started developments of the TRDO Token Delegation Bot script. This might take time. Because STEEM API has no method to capture Incoming Delegations. Therefore, we will try our own solution to retrieve those data from the STEEM Blockchain.

TRDO Flags (Down Vote Calls)

Like we said before, TRDO token project is trying to give you an alternative solution for sharing rewards similar to STEEM and other Vote based reward systems, but we use Comment Section instead of utilizing your Vote Power. Therefore, we are planning to build a mechanism to Initiate TRDO Flags with our token project as well.

What's Next?

  • Automate DB backup process (It's runs manually at the current stage).
  • Add (advanced) restore script.
  • TRENO Trending Page.

Do You Have Any Other Suggestion? Please Comment Below~

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