TRDO Comment Bot - Resource Credits (RC) Problem

Dear Steemians / Trendo'ians,
We have encountered a problem by less amount of Resource Credits (RCs) to fully functioning the TRDO Stake based Comment Bot.

What Happened?

Unlike most of other SCOT based token projects, our token project is utilizing a large amount of Resource Credits (RCs) per day for commenting & rewarding calls. As a result of that we have experienced this Lack of RCs problem.

What We Supposed To Do?

We are planning to add more SP (Steem Power) by delegations to the Stake based Comment Bot project and as a temporal solution we had to remove all comment notifications. But the system is working perfectly.

A Fix Time?

Within 6 days of time, we will add more SP delegations and we will start optimizing our comment messages further. Until that most of Bot Comment Notifications will be shut down.

Do You Have Any Other Suggestion To Solve This Issue, Please Comment Below~

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  • @miketr

    This was to be expected after the payment after 3 days and an extra Comment after 3 days! Likewise, the 1% upvotes are not necessary and bring nothing!

  • @xplosive

    I have a lot of (740M) Resource Credits (RC). Most of these Resource Credits (RC) are unused most of the time. Is it possible to give some to you? 1 comment currently costs 1.03M Resource Credits (RC), so if I would give 515 Resource Credits (RC) to you, then you could make 500 additional comments.

  • @contrabourdon

    @untersatz curate 100

  • @davidesimoncini

    @theguruasia I recently learned about this token. Informing myself on the various discord and web channels I couldn't figure out how much the trendotoken in stake is fixed to be able to call the bot. Can you tell me the quantity and if there are any limitations on the number of times the bot can be called in one day? Sorry for the trouble, thanks :)

  • @r0g1


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