Three Days Reward Time Successfully Added

Dear Steemians / Trendo'ians,
Today we have achieved a new milestone with TRDO token project by adding 3 Days Reward Distribution Time.

Why 3 Days Reward Distribution?

First of all, you should not think TRDO as a Tip Token project. We are a Tokenized Platform which has ability to share Curation with it's Callers and also we are the first Steem-Engine token to offer delayed payouts on comment calls. Callers of TRDO token are much similar to Voters of STEEM.
Honestly we are trying to introduce you an alternative platform that could be used to share rewards without utilizing your precious STEEM Power.
But we won't let you wait 7 days to share rewards like STEEM does. Therefore, we (Team TRDO) decided to set 3 days reward distribution time with TRDO token project.

How 3 Days Reward Distribution Works?

  • We record every Successful TRDO call at Database with Post Created Date Time.
  • Then we run a script which is checking Post that older than 3 days time period.
  • This time checker script is running in every 6 hours. (We can change this time frame if necessary).
  • If a post is older than 3 days, then the script will make a comment at Post-Comment section with relevant reward prices + send rewards.

TRDO Market Place

We (Team TRDO) decided to set another Price Point at 0.015 STEEM per 1 TRDO to fullfil the investors requirements on this project.Therefore, we will release another 20,000 TRDO tokens to the market Place in new few days of time with 0.015 STEEM price tag.

Original Source

We (Team TRDO) believe TRDO token project is still undervalued like STEEM at Crypto Space. With Spiral Development Methodology TRDO token project is performing better than ever. But we have to cover more. And also we (Team TRDO) is trying our best to share you the best in this category of token projects.

What's Next?

  • We will delay our implementation of TRDO customized vote integration.
  • While we are running top of MongoDB, we want to implement a Data Back-Up process, so we will start work on that soon.
  • We hope to initiate another Bounty Program, like our last Bounty Program top of Twitter - STEEM promotions.
  • We will start developments of TRDO FLAGS.

Do You Have Any Other Suggestion? Please Comment Below~

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    Hey guys, I was wondering... if you want to be an alternative to steem upvote, wich is a good idea, how many trdo-calls can one do on 1 day? Is it limited to the amount staked? Or is there a max/per day? I know I once was blocked at 10 a day...