Tonight Preparing for the Hard Fork.

Actions I took tonight. Withdrew STEEMP from Steem-Engine back to my Steemit Wallet as Steem, canceled all buy/sell orders on Steem-Engine. Hopefully before the snapshot is taken.

Why? Just to make things less confusing for the HardFork. I figured this was coming soon so I have not been buying any Steem last 3 weeks except for some quick moves that I used to buy some Triber tokens.

The tribe tokens are on a side-chain so as long as Steem-Engine moves in tact to new blockchain all should be good with no need for an air drop of tribe tokens.

Somewhat confused about what will happen for Q but still bought more because I like how it is managed. Sold my SPI last month as I felt this was coming and didn't want to hold SPI based on Steem until I knew which way SPI was going. After dust settles will probably come back in on SPI, I think I have an idea what is in the works there. Wait and see.

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