Free 20K Star Tokens For the First 20 Resteems

Hello steemers!

How are y'all doing during this bloodbath?

I am doing quite well and due to my generosity I am willing to give away 20k star tokens...

How many stars exist in our universe?

Imagine you had 1M stars under your name?

You can buy 1M stars currently for 2 steem ONLY! And become a whale in this latest project.

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What are star tokens?


P.S: Star is a VERY RARE token. Only 100 million tokens and one star token is going for 0.000002 steem so rush here & buy the token before the price moons.

I have 56M tokens so less than 20M tokens are in circulation plus folks are buying in bulk...

Just look at todays transactions:


All you have to do to earn your first 1k star tokens is just UPVOTE, RESTEEM & COMMENT "done" this post. That's all folks!

How will I be sure that you will pay me?


I have 56M star tokens. 1 million tokens are on sale for 100 steem. If you can buy this limited offer I will tip you with 500k more stars.

I invite my previous participants to take part in this initiative:

@shaungerow, @mickvir, @dirapa @madushanka, @cabinet24, @krowbar13, @sergiomendes,@belemo, @jaraumoses, @elsiekjay, @alamin33, @clixmoney & @ecoinstant.

Enter to win!!

Donations are accepted here too:

1. Bitcoin: 13Wd76owbRKRbbhUNMxJGKN5XwfoPGamgE

2. Steem,SBD, Steem-Engine Tokens: @tonytrillions

N.B: This giveaway and limited sale is running for seven days. After the post pay out I will neither tip nor sell with a discount.

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