Focus On The Fundamentals

You ever say:

"If my younger self knew that, then I'd be in a completely different spot."

'I say that all the time!'

And what makes you think your younger self would have listened?



When I was in the 11th grade, I decided to skip class to play soccer with my friend, @rashford254.

We didn't have a plan or anything.

Just leave school to go to the field & kick around.

Around that time, our friend @steamboy said it was a bad idea.

Said we may get in a lot of trouble.

Both @rashford254 & I shooed @steamboy away & continued with our plan.

By the time we successfully left campus, we felt like a million bucks.

We walked 5 minutes over to the soccer field and began kicking around.

@steamboy must've felt like an idiot for thinking this plan wouldn't work.

1 hour passes.

And guess who happens to be driving by?


Our principal.

@rashford & I were both suspended for a week for skipping.

It was a tough moment.

10 years have passed on by & sometimes I think: I should've told younger Trilli not to skip school that day.

But then i think.

Younger Trilli probably would have told Older Trilli to fuck off!

@steamboy was saying what my present day self would have said.

So the message wouldn't be all too different.

All that would have changed is how mind blown I would've been seeing my future self.

Anyways, I say all that to say this:

You need to go thru the experience to discover the fundamentals for yourself.

Before I launched my podcast earlier this year, I was focusing so much on the details.

What kind of mic should i get?

Which audio software?

How do I edit?

Blah blah blah.

I recorded over 35 episodes before releasing my first one.

'What made you release it on the 36th time?'

Because I began to see the fundamentals.

After recording 35 episodes (very long episodes too) I made a realization.

Only a few things mattered.

All that mattered was taking it one word at a time & hitting record.

That's it.

All the other stuff were bells and whistles.

But if I told the Trilli who had ZERO podcast experience that it all came down to taking it one word at a time & hitting record, he'd have NO clue what that meant.

I needed to go thru the experience for the insight to click.

Otherwise, it's empty words in my world.

In order to become great at something, you need to have a quantity THEN quality mindset.

Get the experience.

Shut up & show up.

Then, your brain is going to start picking up on your errors.

And each error will be noted.

Lowkey, your brain is scheming up something BIG.

Although you may not know it...

Your brain is adjusting.

It is eliminating wasted movements on a micro level.

  • Very hard to notice at once.

  • Very easy to notice over time.

When you see the fundamentals staring right back at you, you wonder:

How didn't I see this before?

Because you had no data to compare it to..

Finding the fundamentals is earned.

It's a very long process that you need to go on by yourself.

'Will mentors help?'

Sure. But it can also depend.

Learn to see what they view as the fundamentals.

But sometimes take it with a grain of salt.

They are giving advice from their lens.

Not yours.

One of my old school Universal Hustle Affiliato Mentors told me to say a maximum of 2 jokes per blog.

After going thru a few blogs myself, I decided that was bad advice in my life.

His fundamental necessarily didn't coincide with mine.

That's why I follow the 'do & eliminate' mentality.

I had a friend who started a Steemit the same day as me.

And for some reason, he decided to enroll on a course on how to blog.

He even had some exams too!

I'm like 'fuck that, i'll just post & see where it takes me.'

It's been 2 years:

He posted 8 articles, overthought & jumped into a new course.

I have posted 1000+ articles.

Sometimes looking at my first ever article makes me wince a lil.

But we all begin somewhere.

Comparing the Trilli from 2 years ago is very different than the one today.

When you commit, commit.

Quantity, then quality.

Consistency over anything else.

Do it till ya become it.

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That's how we all make the same conclusion at the end of the day.

It was the fundamentals which mattered all along....

Trilli 💲

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