20K Free Stars For The First 20 Steemers To Upvote & Resteem This Post

Hello steemers, how are y'all doing?

I am doing this giveaway right away from Nairobi, Kenya 🇰🇪 with lots of love ❤️ to everyone who upvotes & resteems this post.


Image sorce

After upvoting & resteeming, comment "DONE" and I will tip you with 1k starcoins.

How will I be sure that you will tip me?

I have 58M+ stars.


star coins.PNG

7M stars are on sale for 100 steem coins hmu on the comments if you're interested in buying.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT Stars are so rare. Only 100M coins. I already have 58.2M+ and my friend @havok777 has 31M+ which brings a total of 89.2M+ tokens. Only 11M+ tokens are in circulation so just know that its about to get wild.

Star tokens pays its holders with the difference in price surge

I invite my previous participants to take part in this initiative:

Enter to win!!

Donations are accepted here too:

1. Bitcoin: 13Wd76owbRKRbbhUNMxJGKN5XwfoPGamgE

2. Steem,SBD, Steem-Engine Tokens: @tonytrillions

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