eSteem Mobile App: 💰 ESTM Challenge 💰 Update

Thank you so much for your comments, votes and reblogs!


Community engagement has been great and I really appreciate it! 60 votes and 42 comments and 11 comment entries so far 👍 👌 @cwow2: 30 ESTM * @encorio: 30 ESTM @daniella619: 42 ESTM * @chrisparis: 30 ESTM @dgbtech: 20 ESTM @uthus2k: 45 ESTM * @billybohner: 45 ESTM @prostosun: 45 ESTM * @pele23: 48 ESTM * @luigi-the-gnome: 45 ESTM * @nodzz: 45 ESTM

So I am going to keep the challenge open for one more day and announce the winners on Saturday!


Whoever gets the highest points will still WIN AND I will pick some random WINNERS :) (I thought many people would win 200 ESTM from the spin but that doesn't seem too likely so...)

AND @esteemapp will donate 1000 ESTM OMG!!!

This is great guys! Thank you @esteemapp

  • If you haven't submitted your screenshot, head over here 👇 and comment to win ESTM!

eSteem Mobile App: 💰 ESTM Challenge 💰 + eSteem iOS 2.2.4 Out Now!

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  • @daniella619

    OMG This is a great contest dear. Keep it up

  • @barbara-orenya

    lnio46.jpg a few minutes ago..40 ESTM ! Yeeahhaah ! 😜 Thank you @esteemapp ❤️