Social Lens No. 19: How Do People Behave in Times of Corona?

This is the continuation of the Social Lens series. I hope you enjoy it

Why 'Social Lens'?

It is called Social, because I am interested in everything related to humanity, how people live and act, what we do consciously and unconsciously, how we effect the world around us and treat one another.

Lens in this context refers to -- wait for it -- the lens of the camera I will be using to take the pictures of what I am seeing (that at least is pretty obvious...), but it also refers to my viewpoint - everything I watch and see is observed through my eyes. There isn't really a way around that of course, and as long as one is aware of that it shouldn't be much of a problem. After all, life is experienced individually and every point of view can add to the greater whole.

In Germany people haven't worn any masks until very recently. I think Europeans in general do not seem to like to put on masks even if there is evidence that they help. There just doesn't seem to be the same "tradition" in wearing them compared to Asian countries. Yet social distancing is being followed quite strictly and I thought it would be interesting to see how people react, interact (or don't interact) and capture these scenes on my camera....

Surprisingly, markets are still open here and a lot of people visit them as they provide people with the freshest food possible. A week ago I hardly saw any people wearing masks, but that has changed quite drastically. I guess there are about 10-15% of the people wearing them now (of course this is still quite a low percentage). And interestingly, people have become creative and inventive when it comes to wearing masks as it has been quite hard to get them. So because of this lack, people have begun to make them themselves with very different designs.




As you can see, all of them look self made. In fact there are quite a few stores now which sell them online as it has been very hard on small businesses and they have through this found a way to still being able to sell something. Also, if you have noticed all of these people were vendors and it seems that they are required to wear masks. But also the people on the streets are wearing them. Interestingly a lot of younger people do this as well.


Social distancing is being taken very seriously here in Germany. You will hardly find anyone breaking the rules. But of course in a place like this, it is impossible to keep the required 1,5m distance. Will these precautions be enough? I guess only time will tell. How are people behaving in your country?

Is it okay to take pictures of people?

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    Los seres humanos en su conjunto son una manda mΓ‘s... su comportamiento se parece mucho al de los grandes mamΓ­feros de la tierra generalmente y casi siempre estamos bajo la Γ³ptica del conductismo y actuamos y nos comportamos de acuerdo a como lo hacen los demΓ‘s. Gracias por estas reflexiones amigo @tobetada.