Epic Meme Contest!!

Youtube's new terms of service will be applied on 10th December. That will result in the fall of many small and mid-sized Youtubers. They will be marginalized / demonetized / censored on the platform. You can read more about this in this article by The Verge.


That is our chance to grab the attention of several content creators at once.

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How To Participate


  • Submit a meme in the comment section which can be used to attract these affected Youtubers on/after 10th December.

Refer to "Sample Memes" in the last section of this blog to get some idea.

  • Mention 5 of your STEEM friends to take part in the same comment where you submit your meme.
  • Upvote & Resteem this post.

Theme: Promote 3Speak as a better alternative to conventional video sharing platforms like Youtube and Facebook. You can add references to the unique qualities of 3Speak and STEEM in your memes in a creative manner.

This contest will be followed later by a community driven task starting from 4th December. The top memes (from this competition) will be used by community members to attract the creators. Referrers will get big bonus rewards if they manage to on-board a major creator on 3Speak. We will be giving large delegations(100k SP Pool) to these creators as well. So it's a win win for all of us. More details on this will be shared in the subsequent blogs.

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  • Only one meme per person is allowed. Last date to submit is 4th Dec (12 AM EST).
  • Use 3Speak's latest logo in your memes wherever possible.
  • We discourage spam and usage of multiple accounts by the same person. This will be downvoted.
  • Please use high quality images and of course your creativity.



Top 3 winners of this contest will be rewarded with upvotes from @threespeak and/or YooDoo at our own discretion.

Sample Memes















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  • @felix.herrmann

    so lets start

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  • @elsiekjay

    That's good and all, but it would be great to get response on why videos aren't uploading near 24 hours later. Wondering whether to upload my video of the day or not. TIA

  • @waybeyondpadthai

    !giphy fun

  • @fsc69

    !giphy celebrate

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  • @chireerocks

    @threespeak, First of all i want to appreciate your effort to bring up this Contest to bring the essence of Gamification in this hole 🕳 of Bear Market.

    And secondly, and most importantly this step can turn into effective Promotional Initiative. Let's hope that some amazing work will be submitted.

    Kindly find my piece below for your reference team.


    (Picture is used from Pixabay and edited with Meme Generator and Canva).

    Tagging @ravisarikonda, @chesatochi, @josediccus, @dmilliz and @gandhibaba.

    Keep up the wonderful work team and stay blessed.

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    This is a good and clear information! God bless you!

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    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    Thanks for this wonderful information...🙏🙏

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    3speak.online <3

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    create an awesome meme! right now! Do It! Now! :-P

  • @navneetkumar

    Can you guys tell me more about your good work, please

  • @navneetkumar

    I like that meme , so I repost it

    just joking, I actually dont have time to make that one


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  • @funnyman

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    @kaylinart @exyle @trevonjb @gooddream @bitshares101 share your memes too guys :D

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    1574973931713.jpg @horpey @burlarj @ifeoluwa88 @prechyrukky @ferrate join the contest guys.

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    Here's my entry:


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    Let's do this buddies

  • @ogoowinner

    This is my entry for the contest.


    @olaexcel @gandhibaba @prechyrukky @chiama @emekasegun

    You can take part in this

  • @esteemguy

    Let's go


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    This is my entry

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    Sorry YouTube. xD

    @elsiekjay @bait002 @ireneblessing @wandereronwheels @soyrosa!!

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  • @teenagecrypto

    I might be using you guys soon because I'm a small youtuber and I'm at 634 not at 1000 so I can't make any money.

  • @nathangibbssss

    Gonna be a hard fight LOL!

  • @thesobuz


    Here is my meme

    @anggadima @straykat @fenngen @if-time @joancabz 🤓 lets join ?

  • @harveycrawfordss

    Gonna be a tight fight!

  • @asad44

    memo1.jpg @toushik @hrhabib @masudrana @arifinshovo @ovijit09

  • @arabisouri

    Some of them are really hilarious, you selected the best as the featured image of this post, there's also the very true one that YouTube's advertisers don't like your contents, the most vague way to steal your warnings while they continue displaying the ads, it's a wide policy over Google AdSense itself, not only on their YouTube.

    After 2 years of suspending my channel they sent me an email a couple of days ago saying: Good news, the copy right over your video is released...

    Because it was a fake claim in the beginning and that was one of the reasons they accused me of violating their virginity, but guess what: that 'good news' didn't bring my channel back because the content on it incriminate their beloved 'freedom fighters' of al-Qaeda in my country and incriminate who is really behind them.

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  • @bartheek

    That's not funny, but...

    maxresdefault (3).jpg

  • @burn-it-down

    Show your creativity making memes guys :) @priyanarc @hafizullah @sourovafrin @fsc69 @ashikstd @rezoanulvibes

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  • @thesobuz

    Hi there ! Any update of this contest ending time? This contest is really funny 😆 I felt from the morning specially after posting one of meme which has made by myself.

  • @burn-it-down

    @threespeak, you asked only one submission but I made some more memes. I submitted only one here but I made a post with those unsubmitted memes. You can check them :)


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  • @ziapase

    Fuck this post!

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    This is my meme to the contest. How about it??


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    Get involved in the memes..

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    Feel free to use it if you like it, not an official entry.

  • @riyadx

    Your post has been great. I liked the post very well. Post this way I am on your side. I hope you will be by my side.

  • @chekohler

    If you can't serve targeted ads on the content what is the point of hosting it?


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    May the best meme win

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  • @por500bolos

    ¿Epic MeMe?

    @denmarkguy - @skramatters - @whatsup - @tezmel - @taskmaster4450


    ¿Fines for Content Creators of up over $42,000 per video?

    ¡No Thanks!

    «««I will join 3Speak today»»»

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    Good Meme. !

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    You only wish You Tubers wanted 3Speak, just not the case tho.

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    I don't have 5 friends to mention,....:-(

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    You forgot to mention the biggest motivator....how much you going to upvote the winners for?

  • @inertia

    @how-to @fruit @traveling @int @cute

  • @soyrosa


    Shame I can only add one to the contest, I made quite a few before I picked this one :D

    Here's a call to creative people who might want to add a meme: @steemitqa, @elgeko, @steemmatt, @mistakili, and @midlet

  • @josediccus

    Meme Creator_1575255360553.jpg

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    Create meme to join this contest

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    Thanks for the post.

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    @Uyobong @imadear @zellypearl @evegrace @maxwellmarcusart

    This contest is wonderful and fun, come try it.

    Since I joined @3Speak I have never regretted. Its been fun and jolly all round. The upvote given to me is something to reckon with. If you are out there still looking for how your content can make meaning and also to get good upvote then @3Speak is the best place to be.

    Join @3Speak and you won't regret it.

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