Recommendations To Watch/Play At Home + Fanart(s)

Hope you're all doing okay! Since a lot of us are stuck at home due to recent things, I thought of recommending some shows/vids/etc. that'll maybe help some of you pass the time(especially since a certain places's movement restriction got extended). These'll include some recommendations of series, games and even stories! Some of which I made fanart of and/or mentioned before so I might repeat a bit of the things I've previously said when describing certain shows

Speaking of fanart, I sprinkled in about 6 fanarts on some parts of the post! But didn't make fanart for everything I mentioned because there are a lot and my hands would die if I tried to draw fanart for them all in this post. Which series I decide to draw fanart for in this depends on my what I felt like drawing and not how much more I like that show than the others sooo yeah
But before I list my recommendations, let's get the progress shots for the thumbnail over and done with first. It's me laying on a pillow with my lil' mascot Nup watching something on the laptop(What are we watching? Maybe one of the things in my reccomendations) with random food and drinks close to us. Fact about me: I don't like popcorn but I drew it in this anyway since it's pretty much the food peeps associate watching stuff with(maybe the popcorn bowl's just for Nup to eat)

Now for the recommendations! Some recommendations overlap a bit but I'll try to categorize them as best I can! Will also give brief summaries and a bit of how I personally feel about the stuff I'll mention to hopefully help you to decide on whether a particular thing captures your interest

This list is not arranged in any particular order. Forgive me if I got any info wrong on anything listed, most of what I write are from memory, but some are googled a bit(like number of seasons and how long their eps are). Feel free to correct me if I made any mistakes. Most of the things I'm recommending are comedies but there are some spooky stuff here and also apparently crime solving/cop shows which I didn't realized I watched a good amount of


Live action

The Good Place (4 seasons(completed)|Eps are around 20+ mins long except the finale which is longer than that) Eleanor died and ended up in the series' equivalent of heaven, The Good Place. But what's this? She isn't actually suppose to be there! With the help of her soulmate, Chidi, she tries to learn how to be a better person to earn her spot in The Good Place while making sure no one discovers the secret that she's not suppose to be there

Better to watch when you know little about the show since there are a few twists here and there. You would expect the finale to end a certain way, but the people behind it went an extra mile to make it bittersweet-ly fulfilling Fanart of my fave not-a-girl(or robot) Janet~ Those who have finished the series might recognize the necklace she's wearing

Crazy Ex Girlfriend (4 seasons(completed)|Eps are around 40+ mins long) This one's a musical series! Rebecca who wasn't happy with her current New York lawyer life decided to move to West Covina. She definitely didn't move there because she ran into her ex-boyfriend, Josh that she dated back at camp! Nope! She definitely doesn't do any bad and illegal things in attempt to try and win his heart

This series has lot of great and funny songs~(might be a bit weird to some but you'll get use to the weirdness I think) Some of my faves include: Don't be a lawyer, Trapped in a Car With Someone You Don't Wanna be Trapped With, Thought bubbles (there's more but don't wanna make the list too long) Give them a listen to see if this series would be for you but certain songs might be a bit spoiler-y

The show develops into something more than the summary I just gave. Honestly if the show just stayed the way it did in the summary for all 4 seasons I would've dropped it. And I did for a bit last year because that's what I thought it was gonna be. But then I read some youtube comments saying it's more than just a girl trying to get the guy and gave the show another shot! I'm glad I did since I ended up loving this series

Psych (8 seasons and a movie(completed)|Eps are around 40+ mins long) Shawn has amazing observation abilities. He can remember things in his surroundings down to the smallest detail! He and his friend, Gus help the police force solve crimes under the guise of being a Shawn being psychic. Sometimes Shawn and Gus end up in ridiculous and/or dangerous situations when trying to solve said crimes

This show is fun! I watched only watched bit of it back in secondary school and decided to binge it last year(?). Has this running theme of pineapples which I find funny

Brooklyn Nine (7 seasons(currently airing it)|Eps are around 20+ mins long) NINE NINE! This revolves around Jake who's an NYPD detective in Brooklyn's 99th precinct. Watch him and his fellow co-workers/friends solve crimes and also end up in the most hilarious situations

I love this show, characters and their interactions with each other~ The dialogue is great and I like how they go about the story of some eps

iZombie (5 seasons(completed)|Eps are around 40+ mins long) Liv who was a medical resident got invited to a boat party which ended up getting overrun by zombies and was scratched by one of the during her attempt to escape the hell party. She ended up becoming a zombie but tries to her best to hide it. She changed her job and ended up working at a morgue. She would sometimes take some of the brains from the peeps that were sent there to satisfy her brain hunger. She would even cook the brains really well at later eps, they would legit look like super nice meals to have. Anyway, when she eats brains, she'll get flashes of the owner's memories and even pick up their habits and skills. She uses this to help her friend Clive, a homicide detective to solve crimes

The series' plot will evolve into something bigger so watch it if you're interested and find out! May take a few eps to get into. For me you get into this series for the characters rather than the plot itself. My fave is Ravi and Clive~ Liv's personality changes when she ets a brain can be fun to watch(my favourite is D&D, knight and dominatrix) The finale's execution was a bit..hmm meh for me but I still love this series nonetheless

Russian Doll(Netflix series, not the movie) (1 season(may or may not have a 2nd season)|Eps are around 20+ mins long) Similar to the concept of the movie groundhog day where the main chara, Nadia keeps reliving her bday party over and over whenever she dies. She tries to find out what the hell is happening. Is she alone in this or could she not be the only one experiencing this loop?

The season ended with things still kinda unanswered but I still enjoyed the series

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (2 seasons(cancelled)|Eps are around 1 hour long) This show is about Dirk Gently who is a "Holistic Detective" and the cases he investigates would have things that would look like they have nothing to do with each other but turns out they are interconnected one way are another. The series actually starts of with another character, Todd who didn't have a great day, then Dirk comes into the picture(or should I say window). Then case investigating/solving ensues. This series is based on a book with the same name but I know nothing of the book and just mentioning for those peeps that prefer reading

This one ended on a kinda cliffhanger. The kind of cliffhanger where something big could potentially happen but we'll never know since it got cancelled

Pushing Daisies (2 seasons(cancelled)|Eps are around 40+ mins long) This is about Ned, a pie maker who has the ability to bring people back to life with just his touch! However, there are rules to his abilities. If the person he brought back is left alive for more than 1 min, another person will die to take their place. If he were to touch the person he brought back again, they'll die again, this time for good(the person that died in their place will still remain dead despite that) He uses his abilities to bring back his childhood sweetheart and also solve crimes

It's a charming show but finale for it kinda rushed things to wrap em all up. I feel there were still questions left unanswered but if things like that don't bother you, I say give it a watch!


South Park (23 seasons(next season might air later in the year) and a movie|Eps are around 20+ mins long) Usually revolves around the 4 main boys, Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny and their sometimes hectic lives. It's a episodic series up till season season 19 where it changes to a more linear story. My fave eps are those that main focus are Kenny, Butters, Tweek and/or Craig. Also the anime, superhero and fantasy themed ones. There are also episodes that revolve around other charas(I don't like the ones that revolve around Stan's dad, Randy)

Of course I had to mention this one! I don't make fanart for south park as much as I use to, I still love the show. Haven't watched the latest season though Here's a fanart of the best boy, Kenny

We Bare Bears (4 seasons(might get a tv movie)+ shorts(about 2+ mins long)|Eps are around 10+ mins long) Revolves around 3 bears, Grizz, Panda and Ice bear and their daily lives

An adorable series! I love drawing these bears. What else can I say except Ice bear is best bear Here's a fanart of Ice Bear just "chilling"

Bee And Puppycat (1 season(ended on with some questions unanswered, might get another season)|Eps are around 5-10+ mins long) About a girl named bee who got fired from her job, came across a cat? Or is a puppy? Puppycat! With puppycat's help bee and him does some pretty odd jobs

This one's a webseries! A cute one~ You can watch the eps over on Youtube. It's suppose to have another season(?) called Lazy in Space but there seems to be no real news on that as far as I know Here's a fanart of puppycat with a bee(as a stan in for the main chara that I didn't draw since her name is Bee)

Bojack Horseman (6 seasons(completed)|Eps are around 20+ mins long) Bojack was in a very famous TV show back in the 90s. This series is about his life, his actions and how they effect the people around him. Actions that were done in the moment may come back with a vengeance in the future. The opening is also affected by the things that happen in the show so make sure to not skip that(except for the last season which seems to have the same unchanged opening sequence) This show can be very funny but also dark and real so be wary when watching if you're sensitive to that kind of stuff

Such a great show! Definitely one of my faves. It also has some visual gags that you may miss on the first watch~

Kipo and The Age of Wonderbeasts (1 season(ended on a cliffhanger)|Eps are around 20+ mins long) It's about Kipo who lived most of her life underground but something happened that caused her to be separated from her underground city. With the help of the friends she made along the way, they try to get her back to wherever her burrow is

The setting for this is in a future apocalyptic place, ruled by sentient mutants. The colours for this one is really nice! It has some nice songs/music too! My faves are: What We Have is You, Yumyan Hammerpaw, Newton Wolves Rap

Bob's Burgers (10 seasons(currently airing it)|Eps are around 20+ mins long) It's revolves around Bob who owns a burger restaurant and the things he does/shenanigans he gets into together with his family. An episodic series so there's a different thing happening every episode

I kinda stopped watching this around season 7, not because I stopped liking it or anything, I just forgot where I stopped and never got around to finding where I stopped to continue the series. It is funny and I do hope to get back to it someday

Gravity Falls (2 seasons(completed)+ comic|Eps are around 20+ mins long) It's about a pair of twins, Dipper and Mabel who got sent over to their Great Uncle's place at Gravity Falls for the summer. But creeepy stuff happens in nowhere, so it's up to Courage- No wait. Scratch that sentence, that line was from Courage the Cowardly Dog's intro. But creepy and supernatural stuff does happen in Gravity Falls. Dipper found 1 of 3 books that talk about those supernatural things which he would use to know more about the supernatural things that happened around them

Things that have both spooky and funny stuff are almost always an instant fave for me! It also has a comic where some fans consider it as the unmade season 3 for the show

Glitch Techs (1 season(may or may not have a 2nd season)|Eps are around 20+ mins long except for the first ep which is longer) In the world of this series, glitches can come to life and wreck havoc on the world so it's up to the employees from Hinobi(a company that also makes games) to contain them. They can even earn xp and have upgrades from capturing said glitches just like a game! This revolves around High Five and Miko who got their jobs after a containing a glitch that wrecked havoc on the an arcade

It kinda insinuated on a big thing on an ep but didn't address in the rest of the season but maybe they'll address in the next

Non-english animation(mostly japanese anime)

With most of these animes they don't have any new seasons announced but if you enjoyed them, maybe read their manga if they have one to see what happened after where the anime left off(you might even see things that the anime didn't include)

Nichijou/My Ordinary Life (1 season|Eps are around 20+ mins long) Usually focus on the main trio of the series, Yuuko, Mio and Mai. Each episode have several short segments. Sometimes those segments can be very random, but it's a nice type random(for me anyway) There's also a robot, a young scientist and a talking cat!

This anime can have over the top but very nice animation! The series is really cute, I adore the art style~ Also will forever adore hearing the charas saying malay words Here's fanart of Yuuko saying said malay words

Kimetsu No Yaiba/Demon Slayer (1 season(might have a movie later in the year)|Eps are around 20+ mins long) It's about Tanjirou who had most of his family killed by demons except for his sister, Nezuko who got turned into one. He joined the demon slayer corps and also sets out to find the one responsible for turning his sis into a demon in hopes to turn her back into a human

Great animation, love the series and the charas! Last year when it was still airing, I was so impatient on finding out what happens next, I caught up with the manga. Duck was the one who introduced me to this one! I thought I would be annoyed by Zenitsu before I watched it but he ended up becoming one of my faves
Even though Zenitsu's my fave, I like a lot of the charas and I've never done a real proper drawing of Nezuko yet so decided to draw her for this

Mairimashita! Iruma-kun/Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun (1 season(may or may not have a 2nd season)|Eps are around 20+ mins long) Speaking of demons, this one is about a human boy, Iruma attending demon school! Back in the human world he led a harsh life with uncaring parents who frickkin' sold him to a demon. But the demon that bought him just wants him to be his grandson and take care of him. His now grandpa demon enrolled him in a demon school where he just acts like a regular student while also hiding the fact that he's actually human at fear of being eaten by demons

I really like this one! Kinda sad not more of my friends seem to watch it but heyy maybe someone reading this might be interested in giving it a try

★ Danshi Koukousei No Nichijou/Daily Lives of High School Boys (1 season|Eps are around 20+ mins long) This one is similar to Nichijou where it has different segments each eps and has a main trio, Tadakuni, Yoshitake and Hidenori. But the way they execute their jokes and do their comedy has a differnt feel to it that I can't really put into words. I still enjoy it nonetheless

The animation for the ending song of this anime also hilarious! Don't really know what else to say since I think I've said "love" maybe too much in the post already

Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan/The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (4 seasons (completed)|Eps are either around 5+ mins or 20+ mins long depending on whether you're watching the compiled or individual eps) This anime is about Saiki who is a psychic, a very powerful one at that and just wants to be left alone but the peeps around him don't do that which causes him to be dragged in funny situations he doesn't want to be in

I feel bad that Saiki is always dragged around but man is this animu funny! I really wanna do proper fanart for it some day

Noragami (2 seasons|Eps are around 20+ mins long) It's about Yato, a kinda unknown god that would do tasks when paid 5 yen. Together with Hiyori and his Regalia(a thing which gods can use to fight), Yukine, they also fight phantoms. Yato may or may not have a dark hidden past. Watch it to find out//no

An animu I remember enjoyed back in secondary school! Sad that there wasn't a season 3(...yet?)

Uchuu Patrol Luluco/Space Patrol Luluco (1 season|Eps are around 5+ mins long) The main chara, Luluco ended up becoming a space patrol officer to help pay for her dad's restoration after he got frozen by accidentally eating a pill during breakfast

If you're a fan of Studio Trigger, you should give this a watch!

Yami Shibai (6 seasons|Eps are around 5+ mins long) Short horror stories, animated similarly to one of a paper puppet show

Holy hell I didn't even know this already has 6 seasons, I only watched 3. Can't really give my opinions on the later part of the series though I did enjoy the seasons that I did watch. But yeah, different stories for every ep, some more scarier than others depending the ep and your fears. I showed one ep which was about a haunted school printer to Duck which made em scared to use printers for a while(sorry Duck)

Cike Wu Liuqi/Scissor Seven (1 season|Eps are around 20+ mins long) It's about a dude named Seven who tries to be a hitman with the help of a pair of scissors that he can move around at will. He kinda fails at it but at least he tries. The style and animation for this one is really nice and can be pretty dynamic on certain scenes

This one's a Chinese animated series! But Netflix does have an English and Japanese dub for it so you can listen to whichever language you prefer. I don't recommend having English subs on if you're listening to English dub because what they say doesn't match up with the subs sometimes which can be annoying

La Frecuencia Kirlian/Kirlian Frequency (1 season|Eps are around 10+ mins long) This is about a radio host that would talk about the weird/spooky things that happen around town

This was apparently a webseries from Argentina which I wish I knew about the first time I watched it on Netflix because I got super confused when what they said didn't match the subtitles. The animation is simple but I think it works for the series

Now we're going into a few movies. Some movies I didn't list since they were part of a series(like south park and psych). Also even though I watch a good amount of movies, I can't seem to remember the plot for a lot of them. They weren't bad or anything(I mean some I personally didn't like so of course I'm not gonna recommend those) my mind can only remember so much(I'm already pretty forgetful too so there's that)


Hot Fuzz(Around 2 hours) It's about a police officer named, Nicholas who got relocated to a village that seems peaceful but something seems to be going on when there are peeps that died in "accidents".

A funny action movie! If you watched a movie called "Shaun of The Dead" and liked that one, give this one a try! Watch it for the greater good(the greater good)

Spiderverse(Around 2 hours) Miles got bitten by a spider and got spidey powers! But he isn't the only spidey! There are many from different universes who came to his dimension when the villain, Kingpin attempts to bring his wife and son back by getting a different version of them from another dimension(which is just a bad idea in general) gasp Is the spidey in this dimension our lovely, @veryspider//no

Amazing animation with a cool comic book like style! My faves are Spider Noir and Peni Parker~

The Nice Guys(Around 2 hours) An unlikely pair of a P.I and a hired enforcer tries to find a missing girl but seems like whoever gets involved in the investigation like this winds up dead

I don't remember the plot enough to type more than that but I'll at least type out some out of context lines to give a lil' sample of the comedy

"This is not you, you're not a murderer" "He just killed 3 people" "Yes, but I mean deep down"

struggles to keep the door open while on a toilet with gun in hand

punches a window ends up fainting at the sight of own blood

I at least remember really enjoying the movie but hey maybe give it a watch to either disagree or agree

Now for some Youtube channels in case you don't have things like Netflix!

Youtube Channels

Tomska(Link) Has funny sketches and also has some animation vids! My fave ones are "The Magic Spoon", "Cake" and "Literal Drinks"

Jack And Dean(Link) Another channel that makes funny sketches! Faves of mine are "Emotional Baggage", "How to Get to Heaven" and "The Shredder". They even had a webseries called "Jack and Dean of All Trades" which eps are available in their youtube channel~

Chris and Jack(Link) You know Sokka from Avatar the last airbender? His voicer makes funny sketches with his friend! They're really well made I'm surprised they're under 100k subs

Drew Gooden(Link) Commentary channel! Would normally do commentary on people, accounts, movies, etc. Has some vids where he do things like trying to join Kids Bop, life hacks and analysis on things

Danny Gonzalez(Link) Another commentary channel! Just like Drew. Maybe he is Drew? Nah, he has a song dedicated that he and Drew aren't the same person... or so he says. He also makes funny music! My fave songs of his are "I Want To Kill Santa Claus", "Help Let Me Go" and "Yummy"

Jarvis Johnson(Link) One more commentary channel! For those who or who has friends/family simply believe those "quick food life hack vids" I urge you to watch his "Trying Blossom’s Fake Food Life Hacks". But yeah I like his vids!

MrCreepyPasta(Link) This channel reads scary stories/creepypastas! Will recommend my faves later in the post. I love the emotions he put into his readings

CreepsMcPasta(Link) Another one that reads scary stories/creepypastas! Don't really have any fave readings from him but his voice is pretty calming to listen to even though what he's reading is suppose to be scary

SCP Animated- Tales From the Foundation(Link) A channel that does super well animated vids for certain SCPs. SCPs, for those who don't know can be people, objects, animals or entities that aren't exactly... natural. They're normally contained by the SCP Foundation, a fictional organization

Team StarKid(Link) A musical theater company that uploads their full musicals on their channel! My fave is "The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals" which is about about a guy named Paul who doesn't like musicals but finds himself scarily confused when the people around him start singing... like a musical! Did he hit his head or is the reason that people are singing be something more sinister?

They have other musicals too so you don't necessarily have to watch the one I just said

Now here are my fave creepypastas~ All these creepypastas can be heard over on Youtube or read over on reddit, some also have their own books!


Tales From The Gas Station By Jack Townsend Youtube Playlist | Audible | Reddit post For some reason the youtube reading for Volume 2 is currently private which is a bit sad. Audible still has both volumes so check that out! Or read it on reddit

This is about Jack a dude who works at the shitty gas station at the edge of town and the weird, sometimes straight up horrifying things he has to deal with while working there

This is a horror comedy and my fave creepypasta ever! A volume 3 is in the works and I'm excited about that

My Property Isn't Normal by Murderbird17 Youtube playlist | Reddit It's about Cole who lives in the middle of nowhere that has lots of dangerous creatures lurking around. Cole's kinda like "get off and don't mess with my property" with them

Another horror comedy! Wished there was more of it

Accounts from a Lonely Broadcast station by Wendingus Youtube playlist | Reddit It's about Evelyn who works at a radio station and lives in it too. Strange things happen near the tower like a fog that comes every once in a while and a bird with a human face

This one's a bit more serious compared to the first two. But still a pretty great story in my book

The Neverglade Mysteries bu David Farrow Youtube Playlist | Reddit This one's about a homicide detective named Mark who work in a town called Pacific Glade. He works together with the Inspector to solve the bizarre cases/events that happen

Another more serious one! The ending is sad tear


You can either buy and play these games or you could alternatively watch the gameplays of them! I'll list out the youtuber's I watched playing said games

Monster Prom(Steam) Youtubers that play: ShortOneGaming(my fave one), jacksepticeye, What Biif, CrankGamePlays, Game Grumps A visual novel dating sim where you try to romance one of your classmates to go to prom with you~ You can play with up to 4 players!(You could fight for a date or just pursue your own respective classmate) Lots of secret endings you could get either via rng of buying something from the shop(there's even a secret ending where you end up with the shopkeeper) It will also have a sequel that'll probably be released later in the year and a reverse game where you play as your classmates trying to romance the playable characters instead(not sure when that one will be released)

A very fun game with funny dialogue and references! My faves in the game are Oz, Damien and Zoe

Kindergarten(Steam) | Kindergarten 2 (Steam) Youtubers that play: jacksepticeye, Kubz Scouts, 8-BitRyan Don't be fooled by the name, this game is not fit to be played by kindergartners at all. It's a pixel abstract puzzle adventure game where you play as this kid who seems to be in a time loop, re-living his Monday(Tuesday for the second game). You could help your classmates get items or do favours(like killing the teacher) for them. Doing so could get you an item(s) that'll be useful for another situation/classmate favour. As you do all these things you might unlock the dark secrets the school has

It's a pretty bloody game even though it's in a lil' cute pixel style. Still a great and funny game I really hope there'll be a Kindergarten 3

Kyle Is Famous(Steam) Youtubers that play: jacksepticeye, GrayStillPlays, FluffeyPanda's World(the only one who got all the endings) A text-based adventure game where you play as Kyle who's famous! You try to get through the day by either helping him get ready for an interview he has for his show or by doing not that and completely do whatever madness the game gives you

This game has the most ridiculous outcomes and choices but man is it fun!

Sally Face(Steam) Youtubers that play: jacksepticeye, ManlyBadassHero A point-and-click adventure game where you play as Sally, trying to uncover the dark mysteries around him. A horror game with a bittersweet ending. According to the creator's twitter there's gonna be more Sally Face in the future so whoo!

Great game though can be pretty dark and has blood and murder so be wary of that

Detention(Steam) Youtubers that play: jacksepticeye, Kubz Scouts A point-and-click horror adventure game. You start the game by playing as Wei who fell asleep in in a class and woke to no one but him being in the classroom. You walked around and met a girl name Ray. Then...something happened. Things happened in a game

It has great atmosphere and art!

South park Stick of Truth(Steam | Fractured But Whole(Steam Eeyyy more south park! In both games you play as your customized new kid! SOT is fantasy themed while FBW is superhero themed

I like FBW more because SOT has zombies which I'm not big a fan of zombies(iZombie is an exception)

Don't know what to categorize these under

A Date with Markiplier | A Heist with Markiplier Both of these are a set of interactive vids over on Markiplier's youtube channel where you choose between two options till you get an ending. As you can tell by the titles you can either go on a date with Mark or a heist or do both! If you choose a certain set of options for the heist one, it could lead to a catchy musical number

Both are fun but can take a while to get through if you want to see all routes and endings like I did

Black Mirror Bandersnatch Also an interactive thing where you choose between two options till you get an ending. This one's a bit more dark because it's Black Mirror. Got a bit of 4th wall breaks which I like

Welcome To Night Vale (actually I do know what to categorize this under which is podcast but it would've been all alone in it's category since it's pretty much the only podcast I listen to) Cecil, the radio host of Night Vale radio reports the strange happenings of the town of Night Vale in the radio, says sponsors, horrorscopes among other stuff. This podcast has funny surreal sometimes dark humour and also has great quotes

Cecil's voice can be pretty calming too. Back when I was stuck in the hospital, I re-listened to some eps and ended up falling asleep. Each ep also has this segments called "the weather" where they play a song which can be of any genre(discovered some really nice songs from it)

☼ Drawing Online For this one I shall link @veryspider's post where she made a list of neat online tools that you can draw in~

-I'd like to add another website to that list which is Texter! A website where you can draw with words
Here's a quick doodle of my mascot, Nup that I did with it

-One more I'd like to add is Aggie! You can have a group online drawing session together with friends using it! Only tried it once though(psst maybe artbees discord can have a group drawing session... might be hard to arrange with timezone differences tear)


I left out some I wanted to include because I think I've typed a lot already like this is probably my longest post ever! But eyy if anyone's interested for more recommendations and/or want me to make a part 2 including theirs, let me know

And that's frickkin' it for the post! I hope someone out there enjoyed one or a few of the things I recommended(it'd be nice to have some more friendos that watch the same stuff that I do)

Also let if know if my word vomit actually helped introduced you to new things that you ended up liking(or disliking? At least you gave it a shot so thank you for that!)

Thanks for checking out the post, reading it if you did(I'm so sorry for such a long post) Goodnight~

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