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  • @thatkidsblack

    The colors in your second OC work are very nice. The dreamlike effect works wonders, since you get that sort of feeling underwater. I like its direction! I don't think we can call a start good or bad though, because things are just beginning. People can see things how they choose, so I'm praying for a turnaround, especially if you don't feel so jazzed about it. It's quite cold where I am, so I cannot admit everything is great, either.

  • @trincowski

    Very cool portrait work, @thilah! Sweet colours!!!

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  • @ryivhnn

    If not for the plants in the first one I was going to ask if you were going for the fire water thing :D So you have a rockstar and a mermaid? :)

  • @elieserurabno

    Oh Thilah! I'm getting to know your art and I like it! The colors are very beautiful. You paint very beautifully. I follow you because it's worth it <3.