Gift(s): Mascots & Logos

Eyy got back from my trip a while ago and finally FINALLY making another steemit gift post thing! Yes, that is still going on.... not sure if anyone even still remembers I'm doing this though I can't blame them since it's been so long since my last one. I think I mentioned in a post somewhere I was gonna do two more posts so yeah, here's one of them! Next one shall most likely be the last one! Probably a good idea too since the year is super close to ending and all(my god where did the time go)

For those who don't remember/know, during some point in the year, as a celebration for my 1 year in steemit, I'd make gift art for certain peeps(not every single person though because...well, look what happened, the gift thing already ended up going longer than intended dfjkdfdf but! This kinda project is finally almost coming to an end)

So for these steemit gift arts for communities/groups! I originally wanted to make this post before my trip but since I didn't I upped what was initially going to be 3 gift arts to 5(To the communities that that I didn't include in this gift art thing, please know that I'm still very grateful for the support but I'm sorry I just can't make gift art for each an every group. This goes for people too tear) Also not all the groups have a mascot so I made the gift arts base on their logos instead I hope that's alright. Also also tried to use a different style for each art so there's that

progress shots.png

These arts aren't in any particular order but since she's the thumbnail for this post, here's a coloured sketch @helpiecake 's mascot, Tira Misu(design by @staceyjean)

Tira Misu.png Tira Misu d.png
I always love the lil' cake gifs in the comments helpie cake would put(even though it would make me crave cake/sweets fdjkdfg) Also the mascot's so cute! Colouring her hair was a bit tricky but I think this came out alright

Next is @c-squared / @c-cubed !

Csquared flower pots.png Csquared flower pots d.png
Drew the hexagons as flower pots~ Didn't really know what to put for the background, I was tempted to just leave it an empty whiteness but it would have annoyed me since the other gift arts had a background of some kind

Next up is @curie ! Logo design by @overdye

Curie in a bottle.png Curie in a bottle d.png
When I was new in steemit, I never thought a post of mine would ever get over $30(let alone 10 honestly) I thought I was dreaming when I got all those votes. Drew the logo in like...a magic bottle thing. Whether the magic liquid is being poured in or out is up to you. I lowered the amount of dots made it fit better in the bottle if that makes sense- (also adding the dots was hard coughs)

Next up is @ocd / @ocdb 's whale mascot!

OCD whale.png OCD whale d.png
It's my first attempt at "low poly" styled art. It was kinda difficult and also pretty time consuming... but I'm willing to try this style again for a future art maybe since it does look cool!

Last but not least, @teammalaysia / @myach !

Teammalaysia cookies.png Teammalaysia cookies d.png
The first community I joined! The idea to draw for this one was hardest to think of since I didn't wanna just simply re-draw the logo. Decided to draw the logo as like the "steam" of these cookies

And that's it for the post! Oh, also if the peeps behind the communities would like an unwatermarked ver of their respective gift art, let me know and I'll give a temporary download link or you can leave me your discord and I send you through that or something

Anyway, thanks for checking out the post and goodnight~

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  • @georgeboya

    Amazing art gifts for the communities and i am sure they will be greatly appreciated:) I must say that my favourite is the c2 art, i like the design with the flowers coming out and the little pot with the 2 on it:)

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  • @road2horizon

    dear @thilah this is great !! it was a nice idea to make these logos for your friends to celebrate the anniversary in steemit, you are very good !! nice also to hear that your work has been successful :-D keep on

  • @iamsaray


    It seems to me one of the best Christmas designs, I congratulate you for your great talent

    Greetings from Venezuela

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  • @arrr

    You are in your repertoire as usual. Super cute steem society icons. I'm impressed!