Gift(s): Final Steemit Gift Thing

I just gave up on the title Err I mean- Hey! Merry (late) Christmas to those who celebrate! I wanted to make this post yesterday but some stuff happened and I'm also sick(I'm better now but my god sneezing 24/7 was really annoying). Welp, better late than never

Here's the final steemit gift thing post! This thing that I did in celebration on my 1 year steemit anniversary earlier in the year where I make gift art for steemit peeps(and communities) is finally coming to an end. Will I do something similar to this for my 2nd steemit anniversary that's coming up in a couple of months? No thank you. I think starting from next year, I'll stop doing long term/big gift projects sweats

Anyway, the final steemit gift thing is dedicated to the peeps who's content I enjoy or have a fun time interacting with or maybe I just like their overall presence even if we don't interact all that much(maybe all 3). There's 8 arts in total! And to reiterate for the final time because I'm just paranoid that way, I can't make gift art for each and every person, so sorry if I didn't include you in this(there were also some peeps that don't seem to be active on steemit anymore so I wasn't sure if I should make them gift art aaahh)

To the peeps that I did make gift art for in this post, if you want an unwatermarked ver of your gift art, let me know and I'll send it through discord or something

Just like the previous post, this isn't done in any particular order but since she's the thumbnail I'll present @airiam 's gift first! (Also don't have the drive to spam my watermark on the progress shots as usual so let's hope no one reposts the progress shots and crop the yellow borders)

Saeko p.png Saeko.png
It's a drawing their OC, Saeko. Airiam makes great art(I especially like the soft colouring) and neat OCs(it was hard to choose who to draw aahhh they're so pretty/cool)

Next up is @rainite ~

Teddy warrior p.png Teddy warrior.png
It's of his Teddy Bear Warrior~ The marking's were tricky to do but hope they look alright. Rain makes really cool 3D art! Makes me wanna try 3D art(...maybe someday)

And the next gift art is for @sadheaven !

Sad Heaven p.png Sad Heaven.png
He has no OCs(at least none that I'm aware of or maybe I'm just bad at searching) so I drew him! I am not great at drawing facial hair(should try to practice more on that) Gave him wings and a halo because of his username. Saddy makes cool music you should give it a listen!

Next one up is @arrr !

Arrr p.png Arrr.png
Drew their lil' pirate avatar~ Arrr's art is really * uses google to look for synonyms so that I don't overuse the word cool even though the stuff everyone make is cool * chilly!//no I really love the paintings especially 10/10

Next next next is @znkd ~

Bugbot p.png Bugbot.png
Drew bugbot from their bot series Just drew the bot observing a cat because... cat. Drawing bug bot was a bit out of my comfort zone but I had a fun time drawing em nonetheless! Znkd makes great(watch me overuse the word great now) art and animation!

And now for @zord189 's gift art!

Zord p.png Zord.png
Drew a lil' cheeb head of him based on his profile pic~ I think without him I wouldn't know about steemit artists so I'm grateful for that! Oh, and he's an animator and also takes commissions in making "Personalized Steem Signatures" which look really neat and smooth ( # my bad attempt at plugging)

Just a couple more to go! Next is @acidyo

Acidyo p.png Acidyo.png (shiny mew ver) Acidyo(ver 2).png (normal mew ver)
Drew a shiny mew(and normal mew) pouring acid spelling his username since profile/post has them! Initially didn't know his profile pic was a shiny mew, I thought it was a blue heart. Don't know's just how my brain interpreted the smol pic. I like the discussions acidyo initiate with his post~ Also keep on drawing man! Would love to see you try to make original pieces(Only if you want to of course)

Finally, gift art for @kommienezuspadt ~!

Copper coins p.png Copper coins.png
It's fanart(based on the art on this post) of a series he and ghostfish's been working on called Copper Coins! A horror anthology comic series~ You can support this project on indiegogo(hurry though! there's a few hours left for this one) and Fundition (# my bad attempt at plugging part 2) He also makes cool art and lovely photography

And that's it for the post! I hope the pics and this post in general uploads okay. My internet has been crappy(more crappy than usual anyway) that pics barely load which is quite frustrating and makes me scared than pretty much anything I do won't get through. Might try making one more post before the year/decade ends but we'll see

Anyway, thanks for checking out the post and goodnight!

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  • @acidyo

    AWWWWWS that mew is soooo cute! :D Thank you, this made my day! :3

  • @acidyo

    I need to start daring to try something original but I feel I'm not ready yet cause just getting back to it and still barely find the time to do it consistently. But maybe someday. You draw more in the meantime and keep posting them! :D

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  • @paragism

    very nice one

  • @trincowski

    Very cool and charming works, @thilah! My favourites are the first one and the one with the pirate! Really cool!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • @gibic

    so cute. loved 'em all!

  • @midlet

    These are really cool illustrations @thilah! Exactly the sort of thing I'm hoping to get more artists to post in Steem Artstation a community for artists on the new Steemit Beta site. Check it out and hope to see some of your work in there! :) SteemArtstation.jpg

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  • @ryivhnn

    Ahhh help all your gift art is too cute for words 😆

    Have you been having a good silly season?
  • @airiam

    Omg, thank you so much! I wasnt expecting this, it's so sweet of you; I love how you drew Saeko.💕

    Your style is lovely as always 🥰

  • @znkd

    So I was inactive for some time now, and then I enter with the will of post something... but first thought "let me peep some of those peeps I like to peep". I made a few comments on posts of mexican bro shimozurdo, and then.. "Let's check thilah". I remember seeing the first of these gift posts... think it was 'bout the spider or scrawly... And have to tell ya that the idea of these gifts was for me something very warm and cute. So I choose to peep this post before the more recent. Then I started scroll down the post, recognize the bear from rainite - yeah!, sadheaven's pic - musix!, arr - arrr! of course... and boom. I'm not kidding, my heart started pounding when I see the bugbut. Have no words to make you feel the way I feel now that I'm writing this. Mate... this is awesome. Wanna hug you! Wanna become a hugbot that can travel through the telecom infrastructure and gift ya a hugs. I shall return you this warmth. I'll crack a post tonight... and my next one shall be... something noice. For you. With love. BTW I wanna you send me this bugbut cat observer in all its glory. So, I have this website and there in the menu it says "contact". Send me... through there. Please?

  • @arrr


    How could I miss this post ?! I must have been drunk in caves on a desert island in the middle of the ocean after a lush night of robbing royal ships and a revolt on my ship!

    Thank you very much @thilah for such a nice and lovely gift! I will have to repay you now. Well and sorry for my lack of real-time capture - but better late than never - I believe so.

  • @sadheaven

    Hi @thilah! @Arrr just told me that I am in your drawing, wow. how could I miss this moment !? :( Unfortunately, sometimes I do not have free time for many things, but nevertheless I am here and I see this beautiful post, with your unique and very cool drawings! Thank you very much, it really lifted my mood and made this day several times better! Hugs! <3