STRAMU 2019: Lighting up the Streets with the Rockstar Brahima In this post, we are sharing a video of us playing with Brahima (from Ivory Coast), who plays the balafon and djembe with Tribubu.

In the middle of playing "Duke of the Bello" we quickly motioned him to grab his djembe and jump on with us, and as you can see, he did not miss a beat. Brahima is truly a rockstar, one of the best musicians we have seen and had the privilege to play with.

Enjoy a truly unique moment of collaboration we had with Brahima and you'll get a taste of just what is so special about STRAMU!

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  • @novacadian

    Rockin!!! 👍😎

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  • @mariita52

    It was totally amazing. A whole meeting of Titans. A different style to the "Duke of Bello" from the Louisiana swamp. It does not lose its essence and beauty. Stay Great!

  • @iamsaray

    Wow wow wow! A lot of passion, a lot of emotion, I think I fell in love with energy, this spectacular ♡