A night of Instrumental Fusion on the Rumelsburger See in Berlin


On an early Autumn evening in Berlin, we found ourselves floating in the middle of the Rummelsburger See on a Stageboat with dozens of houseboats tethered together, listening and dancing. This was our welcome home party after having been away from our home city for the past year.

Only in Berlin can such magic happen.

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  • @kadna

    Super schöne Atmosphäre für eure Musik! Danke resteem! LG Kadna

  • @tracer-paulo

    Amazing sounds! is probably a little to short to describe this, I'm grateful i found you guys here on steemit, thanks for sharing...

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  • @marcybetancourt

    That beauty! Thanks for sharing this video. As I would have liked to be there to enjoy the magic of violin, guitar and percussion live. It has been fantastic to hear them. Great regards @thetroublenotes

  • @c-squared

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  • @celinavisaez

    Gran video, gracias por compartir, un abrazo @thetroublenotes

  • @iamsaray

    Hello Hello!

    Now I will be one of your fans who loves your music hahahaha you have a lot of talent friend

    Greetings from Venezuela

  • @novacadian

    Great to see you guys in Trending. Looks and sounds like a wonderful gig!

  • @road2horizon

    ehy dear @thetroublenotes, your music is simply beautiful! you can transmit strength, passion, feelings! the heart explodes with emotions, you're right: it's pure magic !! keep on and welcome back to berlin! thanks for sharing with us !! good day :-))