Task Request: SteemFest Video-Stream Timestamping (Earn 100% Upvotes)

The recent SteemFest 4 livestream and its recording is a gold-mine of important presentations and talks.

That's why it would be great to have some timestamps of every talk.

If you think so as well and would like to earn some upvotes, then please do the following.

0.) Comment under this post that you're up for the task. First come first serve. (Unless you do all 4, you can also comment which video you'd like to cover, so multiple people can do 1 or 2 videos each) 1.) For each of your chosen videos, timestamp each major talk/announcement/presentation. 2.) Paste the timestamps under each video as well as under this post as a comment. (1 Video = 1 Comment)

Once you've done that, I'll review the timestamps and vote on your comments.

Please make sure that you're timestamps are detailed and that they're working, for example:

0:12 SteemFest Introduction by Roeland
1:15 Steemit Inc Roundtable
4:15 Presentation: Hivemind Communities
10:15 Presentation: Splinterlands

Here are the videos:


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  • @anthonyadavisii

    We did what I believe was an important roundtable discussion on Proof-of-brain which I think you will appreciate.

    Blocktrades, theycallmedan, jaki01, arcange, were a few larger stakeholders that took part but quite a few other smaller Steemians like myself. I'm recorded audio but am going to edit it into a video of the next few days.

    It was not part of the major streams but there was some very thoughtful insight articulated. Let me know if this sounds of interest and I'll ping you when it's ready.

    My recent is an impromptu meme I published right before it commenced. Hope you get a giggle out of it.😁

  • @teamhumble

    i've already done it?


    if you look in the comments i've done all four, i made a post on my blog with all of them in too.

    https://steemit.com/dtube/@teamhumble/xkt4ada1tp9 <--- for both days in one post.

  • @roelandp

    The official viseos will be published asap in full high quality so if you have timestamps in 00:00:00 format from the original video it will help but don't worry to much about it.

  • @mattsanthonyit

    I have the opportunity to stream from YouTube the first day, the second day but the third was not going through again and on. I spent several hours to fix it but nope.

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