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One of the most difficult & importants challenges Steem as a project has, is creating/having a common ground to enable constructive discussions for its decentralised community & stakeholders.

Just looking at the recent discussions around the proposed powerdown proposal, we can clearly see that there are still a lot of knowledgable individuals caring for Steem and wanting to collaborate on improving it.

But having no central place for these kinds of topics, makes it harder to take part in them.

However, with the rise of communities on Steem, thanks to hivemind & their implementations on & Steempeak, we have the ability to create exactly these common grounds that we need to facilitate proper discussions.

With these goals in mind, I recently created a hivemind community, called Steem Governance (or 111111 (6x1):

The basic idea with Steem Governance Community, is to enable every individual and stakeholder on Steem to have their voices heard and their thoughts shared in well mannered, civilised discussions.

On top of that, this creates a very transparent window into our governance system, because Steem is not a project run by a single company, instead it's being worked on by a collective of individuals.

Regarding moderation of the Steem Governance community:

For now, I've added TOP20 Witnesses as admins into said community, to make sure that the basic moderation can be achieved.

Optimally, we will have some kind of automatic moderation, in combination with multi-sig authority, as I'm the only person holding the keys for the @hive-111111 account right now.

But, I'm only the person bootstrapping this thing. In the end, it should be ours and for Steem.

With this said:

I'm looking forward to great conversations & discussions!



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  • @intrepidphotos

    Whats happening with smartsteem ? No updates in a while and I still have a delegation.

  • @steempeak

    For our users this link may help them


  • @whatsup

    Good idea!

  • @freddio

    perfect for spreading ideas :)

  • @ubg

    I remember when some developer said that no one could squat legacy hive numbers.However now it seems to me that you'd wouldn't even need the hive-###### account to start a community, any plain steem account would do.

  • @binkyprod

    Is there a Discord server we can join for this? I followed the hive. I'm looking forward to discovering what the hive can offer and if I can partake in discussions and such.

  • @akdx

    There must be a platform where everyone on steem can express his/her view. Nice work dear!

  • @the0xfactor

    That's a cool idea for a community.

  • @zua-khan

    Great news