Shill me your favourite Steemian(s)


Even though it might not always look like it, Steem is a big place with lots of corners and niches.

And while I would like to say that I know those people on here, truth is: I most likely know only a small percentage. And that number is growing every day!

I noticed this especially on SteemFest 3 last year. I knew quite a few people, but there were many more I had no idea who they were.

So, let's play a game:

Shill me your favourite Steemian(s) and be rewarded with an upvote!

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  • @voxmortis

    My Favorit : Best regards

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  • @kaeserotor

    I really like @quantumdeveloper

    If you are into math&programming, you should check him out!

  • @felixxx


  • @por500bolos

    I knew quite a few people, but there were many more I had no idea who they were.

    Shill me your favourite Steemian(s) and be rewarded with an upvote!

    Ah, you had no idea who they were. Huh?

    Ok, then click on this image and may it never happen again. };)

    Cranky Gandalf

    Yeah there, over shill you'll feel.

  • @markjason

    My favorite steemian is @drwom he is very kind and I love reading his stories before but he stop posting 2 months ago and now I'm very happy because he came back and made his latest post 5 days ago.....

  • @nathen007

    A brilliant newbie you must checkout is @boogieboa . Top quality 'proper' blogger.

    PS your new smartsteem is missing my favourite SP snapshot feature. I loved take a snapshot every day or so to see my SP rising. Any chance we can have it back please?

    Cheers Wolfie :-)

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  • @smasssh

    Looking forward every day to read the "adventures" (so to say) of @meesterboom. Second to none.

  • @gooddream

    without question it would be @deadspace

    Dude does very funny and also informative posts about topics that interest me. I would like to believe that other people would also be interested. I laugh every time dude posts and unfortunately he doesn't post very often.

  • @condeas

    @muelli I've been following his blog since the beginning. He is a nice guy who tells stories from his life with humor. I think you'd like him too. Since he only publishes his stories in German, you probably haven't noticed him yet.

  • @mistakili

    Haha as soon as I saw the title, only one account appeared in bold letters in my head....who else if not smassshy @smasssh.

  • @hafizullah

    Oh sure, here is my favorite- @priyanarc

  • @doze

    Sorry I have 4 lol @tixinhacapitinha @pedromonteiro @aleister and @portugalcoin 😁 Sorry 😊

  • @faltermann

    Outstanding for me are the pictures of @paulmp His landscape shots are fantastic and always inspire me to a new one. I wish that more photographers like him would find their way to the Steem Blockchain.

  • @shadowspub

    There are some really decent posts shared typically at Pimp Your Post Thursdays in The Ramble... so your timing with this post is good. One of the posts shared this morning his by a fellow who typically does some good work and gets little curation notices... @axeman... like this one this morning:

  • @secretman

    Here is my favourite @hafizullah

  • @clixmoney

    @eugelys , I don't know if she will be in steemfest or not. But, is an awesome steemian, a great singer, a cool friend and just someone who deserve the best. :)

  • @monsterjamgold

    I have a few favs on steem, mainly from #steemsilvergold like @silverstackeruk @dfinney @thedamus but i do buzz off your blog as you explain everything in a easy way especially the techy stuff

  • @miti

    I would say, if I had to pick one, he'd be @alequandro!

  • @veryspider

    so maaaaaaany aaah

    do i need to pick just one? D:

    @scrawly is super cool, the coolest, in fact :D @ryivhnn is amazing \o/ @justineh is a great person all around @markangeltrueman is a ...true angel, man @randomwanderings is wonderful @gnashter will eat you but he'll be nice about it @hiddenblade is very nice @acidyo is terrible terrific @anomadsoul is funny and hardworking and amazing @shibasaki is a gift to the world * ___ * @rainite is talented and super nice @longer makes inks that rocks my world @phage93 is a force of good @kommienezuspadt has inspiring tenacity @vermillionfox is beautiful and kind @dswigle is generous and lovely @choogirl is an enlightened soul @thilah is lovely, lovely, lovely * ___ *

    i could go on forever, but there's a good list to start with if you're after great steemians to appreciate :)

  • @uwelang

    Pretty sure you know most I could suggest - maybe this lovely lady is not on your radar @sumsum - a lady that is special- also know here since years before Steem

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  • @manniman

    I don't wanna pick, don't know them 'for real'.

    I'd say @aggroed @heimindanger and @r0nd0n are cool and I listen to @theycallmedan all the time lately. Also @detlev created the !BEER token, @iamnormanfischer / @tibfox same as @reiseamateur do a lot for the community... it's hard to pick out people. You just can't get everything you like.

    The nicest person on the blockchain must be @oliverschmid and the most admirable writer would be @tarazkp. But I'm really not that simple minded, it's easy for me to like certain things about a steemian and disagree with others. It is also way more honest, then rather just to say I 'like' them generally. There are not even 5 persons in the world that I would say to be liking generally - no matter the context.

    The same applies to nearly every steemian, I favor different steemians in context to different abilities or opinions. So the list is really long and complicated.

  • @beerlover

    View or trade BEER.

    Hey @therealwolf, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

  • @pardinus

    Man, that's a tough one! A lot of great people here; but if I had to nominate one, given her engagement, the contest organizations, and keeping one of my favourite tags alive... @melinda010100 it is!

  • @the01crow

    my favorite users: @priyanarc @fmbs25 @freddbrito @willsaldeno @estefania3 @hafizullah @tegoshei @hitliao @ekavieka @saravm82 @thekittygirl @Katysavage @anomadsoul @leotrap @nelyp @acidyo @tarazkp @jasonrussell @aggroed @inertia

  • @fmbs25

    Oh this is good, because I think that every day we know very good steemians, at the moment my favorites are:

    • @roadstories, this guy has very good ideas and some spectacular stories without a doubt.
    • @manoldonchev, your pictures are always great.
    • @papilloncharity, your project is simply great and your photographs spectacular.
    • @traciyork, this woman is undoubtedly one of my favorites, she always has something great to show us, and her tarot readings are the best I've ever seen.
    • @amalinavia, you have to see the drawings this girl makes, she definitely has a gift.
    • @simplymike, I couldn't leave it off my list, its content is excellent.
    • @equipodelta, this woman does create good illustrations, she's great.
    • @birdsinparadise, if you want to drool your keyboard by hunger, you have to go and see their recipes, they're exquisite.
    • @nickyhavey, have you listened to the music this guy creates? Well, if you haven't, you don't know what you're missing.
    • @freddbrito, the best video game reviews I've ever seen, are made by this guy.
    • @dswigle, this girl knows how to do it well, she also has great initiatives
    • @lenonmc21, this guy always gives us good information about the cryptographic world
    • @tesmoforia, this girl is good.

    And I think I can continue with the list but for the moment I leave it here. Greetings!
  • @himalayannomad

    Recently, I've come across a new steemian @paulmp. He is brilliant at photography and blogging.

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  • @shookt

    Wow nice.. I like your creativity

  • @lordbutterfly

    I think it would be an easy guess for who id shill. haha. She sucks at self promotion so i gotta do this shit for her. Cant remember if you still have me on mute,

    @silentscreamer... Kickass violinist, singer and all around awesome person. (she did say she would marry me so shes gotta be cool.) disclaimer: I do help her with her videos and she works with another steemian, (Beyonder) who is a brilliant music producer to make some of her backing tracks.

  • @korver

    Can I recommend myself? I've been always indulged with Sportstalk mainly because most of my Steemit posts are unrewarded :(

  • @yidneth

    Ahhh too many... I will come and edit later but so far a few

    @paintingangels not only talented, sweet, she's also someone continuously working on bringing people to the platform, or encouraging them to stay :)

    @veryspider and @scrawly both talented illustrators, but also dropping by usually with some amazing feedback to others

    @isaria because she is not only compromised in curation but I love her minor-chords and dark songs, I feel her genre is very close to mine

    @silentscreamer because she is very talented, stubborn, determined, and yet again super talented!

    @photovisions because it's one of the first accounds I found on steemit long ago and he consistently has built a super high quality photographer feed that is always a pleasure to stumble upon

    More to come!