Clash of Steem


Knowledge + Time = Acceptance

Whenever I need to accept something, I have to understand it first. For me, acceptance is difficult without knowing exactly why something happened or how something works.

This is especially true with the design around the rewards pool and its distribution/governance functions: upvotes & downvotes.

Frustration Everywhere I Look

Wherever I look on Steem, I can see confrontations between Steemians as well as frustration, especially from people who feel they've been treated unfairly: "I bought 50,000 STEEM when STEEM was at 4$ and now I'm not even allowed to vote for myself or my friends? How dare you!?!"

And I get that point of view. I really do. I've been on Steem through thick and thin (more thin than thick tbh) and having a huge stake in a currency that has lost 98% from ATH, that really stings.

However, I also get the other point of view.

Rewards Pool? Confrontation Required

Would you believe me if I were to tell you that confrontation is placed right into the design core of the rewards pool?

Similar to our night/day cycle on earth, the rewards pool has two opposing forces governing its core: upvotes & downvotes.

With upvotes alone, people are generally happy, but the pool has no way to be protected against abuse. That's why downvotes exist. They sting like a sword but are necessary for a more healthier distribution.

And the existence of downvotes alone on Steem is why confrontation is built into the core layer of Steem itself, converting it to a potential warzone.

Should Steem be a Warzone?

Now, obviously the question stands whether STEEM (the currency & platform for SMTs) is the right place for a warzone? (Again, that is what you'll have to deal with when having a global rewards pool.)

My personal opinion is: No!

A warzone is not an attractive place to onboard millions of users.

STEEM should be a neutral ground for everyone to come together who believes in the power of decentralised & monetized social media and who wants to build blockchain-powered apps via soft-consensus.

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  • @tarazkp

    How I visualize the pool is as a shared wallet where (based on stake) users can direct STEEM toward something, kind of like a purchase. For the next 7 days, other owners of the wallet can negotiate and direct more toward or redirect away from the purchase and this negotiation decides how much of the contents of the shared wallet will go toward that purchase, if anything at all.

    This happens often in any household, and normally, the wife negotiates better than the husband.

  • @psos

    I'm thinking right now about this and even think how to could be implemented but let's see.. How about to stop the "downvote for free" and with this the "war" and implement a kind of null bot. If people want to boost their posts, even if some can consider shit, they bid Steem (like earlier) but for a null bot, and Steem is burned or goes back to the reward poll.

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  • @theycallmedan

    I never really looked at this place warzone, even back in the day when it was really bad. When I look around, all I see is people busting their asses. Steemit INC is crushing it lately with updates (I remember when people were up in arms that INC was not helping) People use their downvotes, I remember when everyone was up in arms about people not using them. People are getting paid, organically, for great content. One just has to click the photography/trend tab to see how far we've come, before it was all bid botted crap. I think its easy to see the bad in anything, and vice verse. As a stakehodler, ive never been more excited about the future of Steem. ANd SMTs and Communities will not remove "war" - you know who stops wars? the owners of the website, this is a decentralized place, so you need to clash sometimes if you want balance. The next bitching you will here is about "elite communities" and SMTs that are controlled by overlords. Giving people power over who does what in a community is great, but that doesn't not come with 100% peace.

  • @nathen007

    STEEM should be a neutral ground for everyone to come together who believes in the power of decentralised & monetized social media and who wants to build blockchain-powered apps via soft-consensus.

    And this is the problem.The vast majority want absolute decentralisation based on themselves. No one cares about social media or use cases or creating a fairer global financial system, they just want to make as much money for them selves as possible. It's the greed and selfishness that's causing warfare as big stakeholders who don't understand that risky investments can fall as well as increase are too busy dictating to the rest what they will accept or not.

    Your upvote/downvote analogy only holds true on a level playing field when both sides are evenly balanced.

  • @lemeonna

    In addendum, what I deducted is that downvotes are used to marginalize users. And existence of downvotes is not necessary or needed. Just like my first Post as minnow that went viral/trended and I got 434 votes or more which uplifted my spirit. But down the line, someone with a huge reward pool gave me 51% downvote that drained the payout. And this account has no activity since it's creation. Nevertheless such action won't waver my actions on this platform but motivate me to contribute more.

  • @darrenfj

    Agreed on the no part. Voicing an opinion should be an accepted part of life. Sadly, we all have egos and that means we protect our tiny piece of the pie..

    But on my good days I like to believe humans got to where we are today by a healthy dose of community, humility, and sharing resources.

    As they say: it's not money that is the root of all evil, but the love of money..

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  • @seo-boss

    Knowledge + Time + Trust(!) = Acceptance :-)

  • @nonameslefttouse

    Frustration Everywhere I Look

    You're not looking everywhere. Frustration exists, but it's not everywhere. I think the use of the term 'warzone' within this context of yours only adds to the sensationalism seen here today in this post, and as well as a few others here and there.

    A small group of disgruntled members does not speak for everyone, they speak for themselves, and they speak loudly to garner more attention, so others join their point of view, bolstering their agenda. Not only do they want their way, but they will manipulate others in order to get it. That's how it all looks to me, as your typical outsider, looking in. I also see the other side (which really only exists within the words of the manipulators), and everything in between.

  • @tattoodjay

    A great and thoughtful post, and I do agree with your last point having a warzone is not a good thing when we want to bring new people to the platform

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  • @adetorrent

    This is actually a well studied phenomenon. I wrote about it ages ago. The studies went something like this:

    Person A given $10 - happy and grateful Person B given $2.5 - happy and grateful

    Person A given $10, then moments later has $5 taken away - disgruntled and annoyed Person B given $2.5, then moments later given another $2.5 - incredibly grateful.

    Human beings, we respond more emotionally to negative events than equivalent positive ones. It's built into our fabric. Some say it was a survival evolutionary trait since spotting your enemies early was vital.

    I'm no exception to this of course, even though I'm aware of it. . I was pleased to be on a large Orca's auto-upvote for months, but not very pleased with what seemed like an auto-downvote campaign from a whale.

    My example is not actually a great one, since the downvotes are actually personal, but you get the idea.

  • @vlemon

    The thing is that people doing this vendetta also upvote themselves as they control some communities.

    How do you explain that I have never been upvotes by OCD? In 2 years on Steemit? I must really suck...

    And this happens to a lot of us. They say they don’t cross upvotes but they upvote their friends via their curating projects... Sad.

  • @chireerocks

    @therealwolf, In my opinion, no one is wrong and right here, we entered into the Highly Materialistic world and everything is measured in Monetary Ways and no matter how much we say that Rewards is Secondary aspect, it will become first at some point.

    The most important point missed by many people is, no matter how much effort you put in your Content or Product, no connections then no visibility, so Steem is Social Media where connections and engagement matters and many lack it and inturn leads to the discussions towards the Bias Rewards, it's not on large scale but we are seeing Tiny War Zones for sure which shaking this Ecosystem occasionally.

    And one of my experienced friend said that at this moment it's easy for Competitors to buy more Steem to spread negativity through Downvotes may be old Steemians will not bother with it but in my opinion if something like this happens then New Generation of Steem will going to feel in bad state in my opinion.

    Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed.

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  • @uwelang

    I share your summarized message but what is the solution? Currently it is a very dangerous zone - a lot good content creators - mainly smaller and mid-sized ones - leave as of frustration. I am a general "fan" of the ability to control the pool by downvotes but I am not a fan people are "called-out" as evil when they used or still use marketing services such as bid-bots. In the end the blockchain will be decided and dominated by the big boys and girls who own a lot stake or who have the luck to be honored with huge delegations. So for the time being one either has to be nice to these guys and agree with their methods aka "brown nosing" or you are out soon.

    Warzone will not attract any investor or new users - but we will see.

  • @quotes-haven

    I guess that is why they say understanding is deeper than knowledge. Once we can understand, we are more able to accept.

    War does not do anybody good. And the casualties - apart from the losing side, are the ordinary people who are doing their best to be a part of a great platform.

    There are leaders and there are followers. Not all can lead and not all can follow. We need a good balance of leaders and followers on here to raise the status of the platform. Let's all be mature adults and talk things through. Let's communicate. Let's all play our part. The pie is big enough for all.

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  • @felix.herrmann

    @threespeak project gave me some hope. Otherwise i would be powering down/ cash out my Liquid rewards.

    (Or finally start to upvote myself ;)

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