Our world is now stranger than science fiction

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In this video I go into a number of examples, with a handful of random stories from the archive of things i have covered, of how strange our world really is i.e., it is stranger than any science fiction novel / film when taken as a whole. This video is a semi rant video, including many random things so is not as focused as my other videos – if you could even call them focused. In this video I go into many examples of strangeness, and some other examples.

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  • @josediccus

    So if these volcanoes produce Co2 then does that mean somehow we need to find a way to condone the natural disasters that comes with it? The second news I find disturbing is that boys can now have menstrual periods too, I mean what are we really promoting, does gender uniqueness no longer matter in the human society?

  • @warsishah

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  • @felix.herrmann

    good channel, resteem, 10SPK donation!

  • @aceeca

    I couldn't stop laughing at the first part of the video where it says, scientist advocate eating humans. I was like really ?? Where are my kids ???

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