Marky On Air Episode 25 Recording

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Marky On Air Episode 25 Recording

Guest: @jarvie from SteemPeak

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  • @abcallen

    @tipu curate

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  • @enjar

    I try and not think about that one game and those auto-posts that people where farming. I was hoping by now they least make more of an effort without it being more forced to stop doing that.

    Makes me want to go on a flagging trip! Let’s face it though a few of the games were just voting anything that included them in it for the exposure. So it’s not like they are alone they just happened to not be using their own SP to do so.

    While I prefer using Steemit URLs just so it’s easy for people to convert them into what platform they prefer. It’s been tempting to start only using Steempeak. I’ve noticed they have been overtaking my Steemit URLs on search engines in rankings as well. More people are just using it.

  • @ariankhan

    You are truly great, nice post.

  • @skramatters

    I gotta keep it consistent if I'm flagging aggy for his radio show commercials.. I'm in complete disagreement that these posts deserve 25-30 dollars because of the work the poor witnesses and devs do outside of the blockchain. As unlikely as it is an outsider would see this they would just see a shit post with a link and be confused why this is getting such consistent value on auto vote. All of which if they stuck around they'd discover it's just a circle jerk..

    I get that everyone feels this place is in a transition to SMTs but we ain't there yet and 3speak should be paying you for your efforts in their own coin alone as should msp. Of course there are no rules here but these posts aren't indicative of the audience. It's just a system of leeches desperate to scrape some curation from the accounts that chose to make steem a source of their income. Nothing personal really but everyone takes it that way. To me it's just another obvious reason we are 83rd on coin market crap and over 10,000 overall for traffic.. But, this is the best content on the chain according to the consistency of auto votes that are just as destructive to social media as bid bots and every other veiled attempt to spark wealth distribution that has some semblance of offering social mobility..

    I'm sure you might retaliate with a flag that's exponentially more powerful than mine and I'm fine with that.. It's all chump change to me..i see you're still self voting too lol...

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  • @abdex9

    Although the show is loooong(2hrs). But I enjoyed it😊. Nice work Mark

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  • @chireerocks

    @jarvie, I really enjoy when i explore Steem Ecosystem through Steempeak and in my opinion now many users 👥 are redirecting towards this Interface. Keep up the good work and wishing you more productive results and success. Stay blessed.

    @theycallmedan, Keep up the good work brother and stay blessed.

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  • @coininstant

    OMG U know who you remind me of, that slobbering fool Barney Frank, you two have the same accent ! lol Sucerin' Sucotash! Bitch karma will eat you, I sent you spells!