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  • @balticbadger

    I have to say STEM tribe is pretty good at moderating or people don’t intentionally abuse the hashtags that often because I usually see relevant posts. My stake is rather small at the moment but trying to up it to help with moderating.

    Comment edit: how do I join the trails of these accounts for using stem power, same way as I would Steem?

  • @georgemales

    Super cool! Did not know you are the tribe owner...i think the tribe needs a bit more exposure, as a lot of people don't know about it. On a positive note i have 10k Geek stack ready for curation!😉

  • @geekgirl

    Noob tip: Now if there was an app store for tribes where people can share/sell scripts like yours, themes, other assets that would be interesting. :)

  • @crypticat

    I like the way you moderate this tribe and have been working with others to moderate the #ReggaeSteem tribe (#jahm token). Although it's not as serious as STEM, we don't tolerate off-topic, spammers or extremely low-quality content.

    Moderation is definitely key to success, I've noticed some communities don't care and have abandoned their tag, I am glad you haven't. There also needs to be a discussion about rewarding new content to set an example and directing quality. Carrot and Stick method.

    Your methods are interesting and a version of them may be implemented in the future. Sometimes I do like to give the reputation hit to the abuser to make other tribes know of this. I also hope that your universal blacklist proposal gets published. It's likely that many of these abusers go from Tag to Tag like vagrants never finding a home because of poor behavior.

    It would be interesting to see if I could write a post that uses both the #jahm and #stem tags. I feel like one tag would be a stretch. Here's an article

    “Computerised riddim haffi make the crowd rock...”

  • @brianoflondon

    Have you considered using the profiles or people (in Brave) feature of your browser to be logged in as different Steem id's on the same site? I'm also using different Mac Desktops to help keep things separated.

  • @nanocheeze

    This guy is a PURE SCAM ARTIST!!!!!!