Tribe ownership pro tip

I run the tribe STEMGeeks, a community for people to share their interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. It is a casual community where you don't need to be a Scientist or Construction Engineer to participate.

As a tribe owner, I believe strong moderation is critical to the success of a tribe. Tribes should stay focused on their intended purpose, if they don't they lose all their purpose. This requires active moderation and flagging content that does not belong in the tribe. Most tribes have a large staked account for this intended purpose.

While I have taken a different approach to STEMGeeks than most tribes owners, I do have a curation account for my tribe. When I say a different approach, I refer to the fact I try to avoid influencing the reward pool as much as possible to prevent diluting the stake of users who have staked STEM tokens. If I power up a bunch of accounts or even one account with a massive stake and start voting content your vote becomes worth a lot less. My curation account has a relatively small amount of STEM staked and only uses small percentage votes (currently 10-30%).

The problem

I promised you a pro tip, but what is the problem?

For STEMGeeks I have three notable accounts, @stemgeeks, @nostem4u, @stemcuration.

@stemgeeks is the main account that handles token distribution and posts announcements for the tribe. This is also the master account that handles muting for the tribe.

@nostem4u is a large staked account that moderates content that does not belong in the tribe and counters abuse.

@stemcuratoin is an account with STEM tokens staked (50,000) that makes small votes to acknowledge good content and give a small boost in rewards. As mentioned before, I don't want to give out large votes that would de-value STEM holder's stake.

While keychain makes the job easy, I don't want to log in and out of accounts to make announcements, mute accounts, flag content, and do curation. This is a lot more work and it makes it easier to make mistakes under the wrong account.


I use my own scripts to manage automation but I am sure the public services can handle this.

I always stay logged in as @stemgeesk on If I need to make a post or a comment as the tribe, I am able to do so as I am logged in as @stemgeeks.

If I want to flag content, I do so as @stemgeeks and my bot automatically follows flags from @stemgeeks with @nostem4u. So I am able to flag content without switching accounts. @stemgeeks has 0 staked STEM tokens and very little Steem Power so the vote is meaningless. @nostem4u has 1 million STEM staked so most flags only need to be 1%.

If I want to mute an account, I can mute it as @stemgeeks and it will be ignored by Scotbot for future posts automatically. (As far as I know, mutes are updated every 2 hours or so).

If I see a good post, I can vote it with @stemgeeks (typically 10-30%) and @stemcuration will follow that vote with a similar percentage with its 50,000 STEM staked tokens. 10-30% on 50,000 STEM isn't a large vote and does not drastically affect a post's payout, and is more in line with a single vote from an active STEM user. These votes do help these posts appear on SteemPeak's technology tab as they follow @stemcuration's votes.


As a tribe owner, you likely have at least three accounts to manage your tribe. By using vote following of your main account you can control three accounts from one master account. You will need the ability to not follow downvotes and not follow upvotes, I am not sure if the public services currently offer this functionality. If they do, you can easily set up a similar configuration for your tribe.

If you have multiple users, this becomes a little different. You can follow multiple curator's downvotes with your flag account for example and even use a coded system. For example, if a trusted curator downvotes a post 1%, the NOX4U account can flag with 10%. If the curator downvotes with 2% it can flag with 30% or even 100%, depending on how much is staked on that account. Many tribes have active curators/moderators.

Steemie currently dosen't allow you to make comments. If you want to write something, write it using another frontend (like Steemit)
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  • @balticbadger

    I have to say STEM tribe is pretty good at moderating or people don’t intentionally abuse the hashtags that often because I usually see relevant posts. My stake is rather small at the moment but trying to up it to help with moderating.

    Comment edit: how do I join the trails of these accounts for using stem power, same way as I would Steem?

  • @georgemales

    Super cool! Did not know you are the tribe owner...i think the tribe needs a bit more exposure, as a lot of people don't know about it. On a positive note i have 10k Geek stack ready for curation!😉

  • @geekgirl

    Noob tip: Now if there was an app store for tribes where people can share/sell scripts like yours, themes, other assets that would be interesting. :)

  • @crypticat

    I like the way you moderate this tribe and have been working with others to moderate the #ReggaeSteem tribe (#jahm token). Although it's not as serious as STEM, we don't tolerate off-topic, spammers or extremely low-quality content.

    Moderation is definitely key to success, I've noticed some communities don't care and have abandoned their tag, I am glad you haven't. There also needs to be a discussion about rewarding new content to set an example and directing quality. Carrot and Stick method.

    Your methods are interesting and a version of them may be implemented in the future. Sometimes I do like to give the reputation hit to the abuser to make other tribes know of this. I also hope that your universal blacklist proposal gets published. It's likely that many of these abusers go from Tag to Tag like vagrants never finding a home because of poor behavior.

    It would be interesting to see if I could write a post that uses both the #jahm and #stem tags. I feel like one tag would be a stretch. Here's an article

    “Computerised riddim haffi make the crowd rock...”

  • @brianoflondon

    Have you considered using the profiles or people (in Brave) feature of your browser to be logged in as different Steem id's on the same site? I'm also using different Mac Desktops to help keep things separated.

  • @nanocheeze

    This guy is a PURE SCAM ARTIST!!!!!!