The most amazing thing you will see this year

I have seen a few interesting robotics projects like MegaBots, Robotic Chef, BigDog, and Super Anthony but this is mind-blowing.

The robotics in this pales in comparison to the artificial intelligence behind this project. While it is a little slow, the ability to take damage and perform in almost any condition is an impressive accomplishment. While movement seems to be slow, the safety features seem to be on point.

Watching it adapt to almost any weapon handed to it was truly impressive.

From a drama point of view, the ending was awesome. I highly recommend watching it to the end.

If you find it interesting, there is another view you can watch it in action with more core functionality demonstration.

RoboCop in a few years? I could see these being household defense units in 5-10 years.

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  • @leaky20

    So I'm a bit confused, was it a real robot or just a dude in a green suit the whole time? hahaha I was super impressed when the robot grabbed the hockey stick out of the guys hand. I was like "wow its learning! That's incredible." But then by the ending when it kicked the guy I was thinking there is no way this is real. Great video. Certainly entertaining.

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  • @anouk.nox

    That looks so weird, but amazing at the same time..

  • @welshstacker

    I knew it wouldn't shoot the dog. Lol

    Great cgi, almost had me fooled 😂

  • @abitcoinskeptic

    As far as I know your avatar implies you have some impressive quick draw skills.

    Do you think you can beat this robot in a duel?

  • @matt-a

    Still fun to watch.

  • @accountsdump


  • @felixxx

    Can you not tell that's CGI ? What are you smoking ?

  • @brianoflondon

    When that thing becomes self aware, it's going to be severely annoyed by how they treated it. [yes I know its a parody]

  • @tarazkp

    They have done a few of these now, they are good fun.... until real.

  • @cardboard

    You troll :D

  • @proto26

    That's kind of scary

  • @catto000

    up and re ...

  • @coininstant

    Nice Post! Yeah robocop your calling!

  • @coininstant

    Oh nooo, when that robot was running towards the camera I got dejavu like it's happened before somewhere! This is not good, flags are nothing compared to that thing! It's pretty much the end for people soon if this tech stuff continues, which it will! If these get in the wrong hands it will be like star wars! Someone will print up warriors on the moon and flood us out! Whoever has the most BTC might start mining robot warriors in the future if we are not careful! Bye bye people!

  • @bulitz

    Robots! In home security for insecure humans?

  • @felix.herrmann

    whats your take on 3D printed guns?

  • @broncnutz

    These things will be used against us someday in my opinion.

  • @cryptosearch

    2200 year new dragon robot replace the airplane

  • @michealb

    those aren't real humans

  • @meanbees

    LOL, it had me at first!

  • @littleboy

    The main issue with robots in war is that, they can't differentiate between civilians and enemy combatants. Seem like they will become tools of genocide.

    This can be improved with AI to help robots make better decisions. But that has consequences of its own.

  • @irisworld


  • @hangin

    Technology is just to scary these days do you think we are catching to the 🤣 🤣

  • @road2nowhere

    That's impressive but I bet it can't do this YxJP.gif

  • @old-guy-photos

    Pfft the real Boston Dynamics is much more impressive imo.

    Corridor is funny tho.

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