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  • @freebornangel

    Lol, still can't catch a break for the little guy,... Brownnosers won't get off the fountains.

  • @joe.public

    lol that is a rather aggressive thing to do for one who is such a vulnerable position! It is amazing what one can find with different front ends right! WOW now all I need is a new account. Mind you I think most people already see you for the dishonest fraudulent piece of shit that you are already. Mind you, it wont reflect well on your new home.

  • @eddiespino

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  • @joe.public

    #sadjoke : (

    oh dear you are not coping well at all are you. I wonder if your buddies are really your buddies. I suspect that the one you desire does not like you very much. Why else would he have set you up like that. He is a smart guy alright, I like him, he is honest, upfront. I respect those qualities. On the other hand, your entitled sniveling disingenuous nature is repulsive.

  • @steevc

    I see some Welsh guy on trending, but I don't think he's a friend of Justin. It's obvious where Steem is heading. They have lost all their original developers now, so it's surprising they managed to create a new hardfork.

  • @pfunk

    Please read: