Global Blacklist API now supports Irredeemables, also SSL enabled


Please consider supporting the Global Blacklist API proposal.

The Global Blacklist API

The Global Blacklist API is a project I started three days after I got access to the Steem Cleaners blacklist. It has been running for almost two years and supports ten (10) community blacklists and all Steem Engine Tribes.

The Global Blacklist API is used by over 50% of Steem dApps in one way or another

The Global Blacklist API has been a free service I offer to provide a standard and easy to use interface to access multiple blacklists on the Steem blockchain. dApps and services can choose to subscribe to one or more of the available blacklists and use them to minimize abuse.

Currently, the Global Blacklist API supports the following blacklists:

  • BuildAWhale
  • SteemCleaners
  • Redeemer
  • MinnowBooster
  • Actifit
  • Yoodoo
  • Smartsteem
  • D-Tube
  • Plenty of Phish
  • Irredeemables
  • All Steem Engine Tribes

What is Irredeemables?

The Irredeemables is a list maintained by Steemit Inc. that prevents accounts that violate the Terms of Service (TOS) from displaying on front-ends (like & Steempeak) that use Steemit Inc. nodes.

Accounts on this list will not show up on,, or any other front-end that utilizes Steemit Inc. nodes. They also cannot hide other user's posts or comments with their downvotes.

SSL Support

The Global Blacklist API can now be accessed via SSL. You can access the blacklist with the endpoint

If you want more information on how to use the Global Blacklist API, please refer to this post.

Steempeak integration

@steempeak recently integrated the Global Blacklist API into their front end. You can read about the integration here

Randowhale integration

The newly re-launched @randowhale project is using the Global Blacklist API. You can read about this project here.

Support Global Blacklist API

I have a proposal on SPS to support the Global Blacklist API. You can read about it here and approve it here

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  • @balticbadger

    This is a great project! Cool to see @randowhale using the API.

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  • @fuckthemarkymark

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    "I've never seen anyone leave such a long trail of blazing dumpster fires. I now believe the wreckless downvoting and blacklisting of thousands of accounts by themarkymark et al is the SOLE reason the price of Steem continues to fall. I didn't even make the photo for this post. That's right, I found it online. Fucking amazing."



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  • @dreamryder007

    Bitcoin shoot up 3,000 usd. Steem barely moved 1 penny ..... Do you still think you are on the right track with your black list? You have me on your black list for a nothing steem related and I am sure I am not alone. Me-thinks you are just driving people away from the platform, who would otherwise invest into steem.

  • @joe.public

    The Flag is because your thinking is far to riged and limited to differentiate between people who should be on a black list and those who should not.

    As evidence I point to the guy i commented to earlier (when you interjected because you did not understand what was being said) who was questioning you regarding being on your black list.