Marky On Air Episode 26 Recording

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  • @planetauto

    Interesting to hear about flash and google, when I was a web designer many years ago for a company, sales used to push it as it was innovative, even though it had serious seo implications. As you mentioned anyone still utilising a flash site are literally going to disappear overnight. Overall it did its job and allowed games etc, bit like Kinect failed overall for gaming yet is utilised in finding earthquake victims etc. ps i loved kinect and flash games at munch time.

  • @abbak7

    Ur voice don't match with ur character! Be fake on.. ..

  • @geovanny1000


  • @cryptonia

    Stay tuned

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  • @hiroyamagishi

    Can I ask question, How does the immutability of Steem compares to other blockchains like ethereum?

  • @kingscrown

    so good episode