Growing Your Own Food Doesn't Seem Crazy Now

This past week has been a whirlwind of craziness, and really reminded me of why I have been wanting to be doing what were doing. While we have been learning how to grow and store our own food, I still worry that we are not prepared enough. With the greenhouse it gives us some extra growing time on both ends of our season but still doesn't allow us to have fresh food in the winter. Thanks for watching!

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  • @cyber-smiley

    It does not seem crazy now, but remember that many people saw it late. So if you have something going on currently that great!

  • @redglasslover

    I don't think it has ever seemed crazy tbf.

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  • @marxrab

    I'm on year 3 of turning into a homesteader and becoming self-sufficient. All this craziness with people panic buying the grocery stores out has really made me reflect on the importance of being self-sufficient. I really liked the video. Right now I'm researching making my own greenhouse and you gave me some ideas about how to regulate temperatures which was where I was stumped. I do all my seed starting in the kitchen but with a toddler and cats it's hard to keep my plants safe. I want to move everything outside into a greenhouse. I'm still in the early stages of learning. Year one we focused on learning to garden in general. Year two I bought ducks and expanded our garden. Year three I'm learning to hatch ducklings now and want to learn to can and preserve food. It really is just a learn as you go process. It's nice to find fellow Steemians like you with great tips and advice to help others like me.

  • @klikdiva

    Never ever thought this was crazy. Homegrown food is way tastier!