New Tron Dapp Crypto Friends- Innovative experiment High Profit Potential

CryptoFriends - it's a first open MLM based on TRON smart-contract. The project is transparent and all transactions between participants are visible on the blockchain. Open contract code. Start with 400 TRX, guaranteed earning 1200 TRX.

Full disclosure, This is a high-risk investment. It's a fascinating experiment, and you can get in on it for 400 TRX current price of $7.5 USD. If you'd like to participate and dig into and understand the game theory and make some profits use my link down below! or copy and paste my trx address to sign up TYA6fUD44eDxeD8iQEknYkpKVcDJJCUzqc

Instead of re-explaining the premise here is a screenshot pulled off their site.

Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 1.01.58 AM.png or copy and paste my trx address to sign up TYA6fUD44eDxeD8iQEknYkpKVcDJJCUzqc

Let's start a discussion on dapps and crypto friends. Is this sustainable, how long can it guarantee 3x profit. Comment your thoughts below, I'll be making a comprehensive post from your feedback and will be crediting your input. Excited to learn and profit together!!

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  • @elizabethblog

    it's great news

  • @tubcat

    At least the unwashed humans are open about this being an MLM.

    Tub Cat will avoid this like he avoids filthy humans.

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  • @aniestudio

    Esquema piramidal de libro. Ojo con estas mierdas que el Ășltimo que llega paga!!!!

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  • @roleerob

    Bid bot misuse, @steemflagrewards.

    "Full disclosure, This is a high-risk investment."

    Yep ...