Coronavirus situation in Argentina: 17 measures to contain the pandemic.

Coronavirus situation in Argentina: 17 measures to contain the pandemic.

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Airports, ports and border crossings.

Given the world situation, in relation to COVID-19, which implies the possibility of entry to Argentina of infected people, the necessary recommendations were generated for the early detection and control of patients with the possibility of presenting an acute respiratory disease upon admission to our country. country.

The main strategy is early detection and control of possible cases.

At Airports, Ports and Border Crossings, massive dissemination of information is being carried out for travelers in relation to COVID-19, with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of prevention measures, the symptoms to which attention should be requested and the telephone number for health ministerial consultation 0800-222-1002

Last night, 14 new cases were confirmed in the country and the total number of infected amounted to 79.

Resistencia became a deserted city in the last hours due to the COVID-19 coronavirus.

17 measures to contain and enhance production and the local economy due to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

  • Payment of employer contributions to sectors critically affected by the emergency will be exempted.
  • The Productive Recovery Program (REPRO) will be expanded to guarantee the employment of those who work in companies affected by the health emergency.
  • Unemployment insurance will be reinforced.
  • An extra payment of the Universal Child Allowance (AUH) and Universal Pregnancy Allowance (AUE) will be awarded for $ 3100. And the payment of the debts of April and May with ANSES of AUH and retirees will be postponed.
  • Retirees and pensioners who receive the minimum credit will receive a one-time bonus of $ 3,000. Those below $ 18,892 will collect the difference between their credit and this amount.
  • The provision of food in community dining rooms and containment spaces for vulnerable sectors will be strengthened.
  • The budget item for capital expenditures will be increased by 40%, allocating $ 100 billion to infrastructure, education and tourism works.
  • The Ministry of Housing will relaunch the Procrear Plan to boost the construction sector and make possible the purchase or renovation of homes.
  • Maximum prices will be established for 30 days (extendable) for a set of food products, personal hygiene products, medicines and medical supplies. Those maximum prices were set on March 6.
  • Consumers will be able to know how much to pay for each product through a list that will be available in the coming days on the Clear Prices website ( They may report breaches in Consumer Defense: 0800-666-1518, by email to [email protected] or by Twitter @DNDConsumidor
  • Inspection tasks will be increased with the incorporation of verifiers from different public agencies and through agreements with the municipalities.
  • Industries producing food, personal hygiene items, medicines, supplies, equipment and medical supplies will be asked to increase their production to face the growth in demand.
  • A series of soft credit lines will be launched for some $ 350,000 million to guarantee the production and supply of food and basic supplies, boost activity and finance the operation of the economy at this juncture: a line for $ 320,000 million that will provide capital for I work for companies at preferential rates for a period of 180 days with an interest rate of 26% per year; $ 25,000 million in loans from Banco de la Nación Argentina at differential rate for food producers, personal hygiene and cleaning, and producers of medical supplies; $ 8,000 million in financing for the production of technological equipment to guarantee the telework modality and $ 2,800 million for the financing of infrastructure in industrial parks, with resources from the Ministry of Productive Development.
  • The Ahora 12 program will be renewed for a period of six months. Expansion towards online purchase of national products, with emphasis on SMEs.
  • Prior authorization will be required for the export of supplies and medical equipment that the country needs to face the pandemic.
  • Development and growth program of medical equipment, kits, supplies, together with Conicet, MinCYT, MDP, Mecon and the Ministry of Health to stimulate innovation and production growth.
  • Payment to export refunds for industrial firms will be accelerated.

The first case of coronavirus in Argentina was released on March 3. Since then, the epidemic has spread across the country.

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