Crypto 101: A Couple of Points That I Think Serve Everyone Well

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I just bought over 1 million Breadcrumbs this afternoon. This was a speculative move since there, at present, is no use case for the token. However, I believe this will change by adding an in-game use for the token,

This brings up a larger point with cryptocurrency. To start, we all have an opportunity if things take off in a big way. The question is do we have enough in our bags to radically change our lives.

The other point is that we have the ability to figure out use cases for our tokens. This is what we are to develop.

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  • @afiqsejuk

    Woww! You took a small risk there buying breadcrumbs but I believe in the potential of the game as I find wanting to accumulate more breadcrumbs. Quite addictive I must say. Upvoted!

  • @epic-fail

    I hope your breadcrumbs are safe, see this post by holybread