Approaching Cryptocurrency With A New Mindset

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This is unlike anything we ever saw. If you asked most people in the late 1980s what a computer would look like in 20 years, few would have described the smartphone.

There are two was things advance. The first is new iterations of what is known. We take some and add to it (+1ing). This is how most advancement takes place.

The second way is boring down to the core and getting to the basis of that thing. From there, when the parts are spread all over the table like legos, they can be reassembled in a manner creating something entirely new.

This is often how major innovations are done. For example, self replicating bricks being used in construction is not an new iteration but a brand new technology.

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  • @chesatochi

    Great video and to drill down to the core components and find a new innovative way that we can create something wonderful and spread it to the world.

  • @cunigarro

    Is necessary that people understand the advantages of use cryptocurrencies, but I think there are multiple steps before that, one of those things that we can do is design intuitive applications with a good user experience. With that point cryptocurriens will grow up. I think on the new steem design and I see a great future. Thanks for your article, very interesting.

  • @ranso

    the video is informative and interesting...

    Posted via Steemleo

  • @fightspam

    been a great cryptocurrency trader starts with the mindset we have towards the market,if a person sees it as a get rich quick scheme then such person might get burned,but if such person sees it as a type of financial product which is good for investment and that he or she needs to be really educated about how the market works then such person can become a successful crypto trader...

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